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New forum discussion 22 Jul 2011
Hi all, I have a customer which has purchase ADBO license to perform offhost backup their Hyper-V VMs (I don't know which solution architect propose this!) which is unsupported by the ADBO agent. As far as i know ADBO offhost backup only supports backing up NTFS, SQL and MS ...
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2011
Hi all, I have been searching hi and low but could not find any answers. Could someone point out to me what are the minimum components of the MSSQL 2005 server (Database engine, reporting, analysis?) i should install to get NS 7.0 working. The auditors in our company do not want us to ...
New forum discussion 11 Jan 2011
Hi, I am currently facing a weird issue which i am not sure on where to find the information. So i hope so DB2 gurus or anyone who is familiar with would advise me on the issue i am facing here.  I currently have a NBU 6.5.4 Master Server on a Windows Server 2003 Std ...
New forum discussion 19 May 2010
I am not sure if this has been discussed before, i have tried using the seach button. Anyway would like to ask if this is a supported configuration: SFHA for Windows to cluster a physical machine with a virtual machine sitting in a vsphere 4 ESX box. It will be used to failover MSSQL2008 ...
New forum discussion 22 Sep 2009
Hi All, I have read through the Admin Guide for DB2 agent on a Unix machine (i am using a RHEL5 actually), but i can't seem to find any information on restoration of a database on the same server but with a different database name. E.g. i have backup database 'A' and would like to ...
New forum discussion 05 Mar 2009
Hi all, I have installed the DHCPlugin in a MS DHCP server and i am halfway configuring it. Can anyone tell what is a DHCP relay agent? I stumble upon this while configuring the scope options for the DHCP server (003 Router option, general tab). Thanks in advance :)
New forum discussion 15 Jan 2009
Hi all,   I am gonna implement a DHCP enforcer appliance in my company and i am not sure on where to place the DHCP enforcer.   I have an Win2K3 box with AD and DHCP components installed. The AD/DHCP server sits together with other client PC on the same switch. ...
New forum discussion 22 Oct 2007
Actually what I am trying to do is to setup Storage Exec 5.5 in a clustered environment. The clustering software used is Microsoft Cluster Server in a Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition. I have followed the Administration Guide closely in implementing Storage Exec 5.5. The setup we ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2007
Hi, currently i have installed and configure CPS for exchange servers over at my office. I would like some clarification when doing a restore of individual mailboxes from a recovery point created by CPS.When i try to create a restore job for an individual mailbox from the CPS ...