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New idea 27 Jan 2015
When an OLE embedding is inserted into an email using Outlook and the email is sent in Rich Text format, Clearwell extracts these embeddings as attachments with names beginning "OLEAttach_".  This only happens when the email is sent in Rich Text format. These ...
New idea 12 Nov 2014
When configuring an access profile it is currently possible to "Hide" a particular redaction set. This stops the redaction set from being listed in the redaction *tag* set tree that is displayed in the "Tagging" panel when reviewing a document. However, this does not prevent any user ...
New idea 21 Jul 2013
Similar to the "Retries" option (in case of interruption or error) available when starting a Clearwell EV Collection task, it would also be useful to have an option to automatically start and retry the 'Collect Failed EV Items' functionality that was added in 7.1.2 ...
New idea 10 Dec 2012
When setting a numeric property value using the Property Browser, there is no warning if the value is too large.  For example:
New idea 11 Sep 2012
The following will aid customers who need to determine the efficiency of reviewers on a regular basis:   1. The ability to filter Tag Event by date range. Perhaps even filter Tag Events by per-hour (see existing feature request:
New idea 10 Sep 2012
When using the "Send email summary to:" option when tagging, the generated email always includes an IP address, for example:   Dear xyz, On Thu Aug 23 19:05:32 BST 2012, Clearwell user "xxx" tagged 1 messages as follows -- Folder: test ...
New idea 17 Aug 2012
We have had a request to export the 'Interactions' table from Clearwell.    For both summary information and for any selected participants.
New idea 07 Aug 2012
A Clearwell Production Export has an "Include images" option and an "Image format" choice that includes PDF. When choosing PDF, this produces a separate PDF for each document. It would be useful to have an option to combine all these PDF files into a single PDF - just ...
New idea 01 Aug 2012
It would be helpful to display the doc ID value of attachments during Search & Analysis and Review (SAR), including Native mode. Attachment doc IDs values are based on the parent doc ID and appear as <parent-doc-ID>.1, <parent-doc-ID>.2, etc, in an Export. Note: ...