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New forum discussion 23 Feb 2013
I am using the most recent deployment packages provided with 12.1 RU2 Despite this Inetpub\clientpackages continues to show 8 different entries 4 of which are downloads for client updates that are old (some as old as 2009!). The only packages I need are 32bit and 64bit windows ...
New forum discussion 29 May 2012
Just purchased SEPSBE 12.1 10 user which came with 12.1. Installed with no trouble, but I needed another licenese so ordered directly from Symantec on line. The attached download to the upgrade license had files for the latest upgrades, but I am unclear which to ...
New forum discussion 15 May 2012
I migrated, at suggestion of forum members, to Endpoint SBE since Enterprise cost/seat where increasing. I have 10 clients and SBE cost 1/2 of what Enterprise does. The install of SBE 12.1 on the server was easy, and the deployment to the clients went well. However all workstations ...
New forum discussion 11 Jan 2012
Malware bytes in the last 3 weeks upgraded their software. On my 2003 Windows Server I keep getting logged error messages that mbamservices.exe and mbam.exe are creating tamper log enteries. Despite placing an exception in policies-exceptions in SEPM  to ignore these files and ...
New forum discussion 03 Dec 2011
I am having trouble using the email feature of Shadow Protect on a client. I know that my SMTP Email server is working and the server responds to the Shadow Protect email test by connecting, but the response from the SMTP is lost. I'm pretty sure the port is getting blocked by my firewall ...
New forum discussion 27 Aug 2011
I am getting repeated errors in the tamper protection log on my server as follows: Computer User Action Taken Object Type Event Actor Target Target Process Date and Time
New forum discussion 25 Mar 2011
For years I have been using and renewing Endpoint Protection for my Small Business Server. For the last 2 years Symantec has made available SEP for Small Business. Is there a difference in the 2 products? Should change my product come renewal time this May and switch to ...