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New forum discussion 03 Aug 2012
A few years ago I was exploring CMS and setup a server and installed agents on my training room computers. I also setup pxe somehow. We decided to not continue with altiris and I uninstalled the clients. Now I am trying to PXE boot from our KACE appliance and when doing a NIC boot, it ...
New forum discussion 15 Nov 2011
I am using Deployment Solution 7.1 and wish to use VNC for remote control. On the server that is running SMC, I went to Actions, clicked Remote Control, typed in the computer name and choose VNC. The error that I get is
New forum discussion 05 Apr 2011
I work in IT at a public library system. We are installing automatic sorters for the book drops. The computer that manages this system is using Windows Point Of Sale 2009 OS. Can I put aclient on it and then use Deployment Solution to restart the computer ...
New forum discussion 04 Feb 2011
In a posting on this forum I read about restarting the Altiris Client Service on the Deployment Server. I checked ours and it was set to Manual and was stopped. On the clients this service is started. Should Altiris Client Service be running on the Deployment ...
New forum discussion 02 Sep 2010
Last evening I setup a Shutdown Job and ran it on our computers and it worked fine. Then this morning I ran a Wake-up job and that also worked fine. Now I was going to remote to one and I knew that the person was not there, and the DS console said the computer was on and she was ...
article comment 02 Sep 2010
New forum discussion 01 Sep 2010
IT in my organization has asked staff to shutdown their computers when they leave for the day. Knowing that some will forget, etc. I plan to run a batch file at 10pm to shutdown all of those that are still on. Is there a way for the batch file to determine if the computer is on or ...
New forum discussion 29 Jun 2010
I have read several articles here and in the KnowlegeBase and I am missing a major part. I have run setup.exe /admin and created my customized .msp in an express share. When I make a Distribute Software task it tells me that it is not an valid Rapidinstall package. So then I tried to do it as ...
New forum discussion 22 Feb 2010
We have been running Deployment Solution for several years - pre-Notification Server. We use it for remote control of clients and cloning primarily. If we were to get Notification Server what would that do for us? What would we be getting that we don't have ...
New forum discussion 08 Jan 2010
I setup a computer the way I wanted it with IE 7 and other software and configurations and then made an image of it with Deployment Solution. I then restored it to some computers and all was well. I needed to make some changes to the basic image today so I restored the image to my model and ...
discussion comment 18 Dec 2009
New forum discussion 15 Dec 2009
We are using Deployment Solution 6.9. Here is the sequence of actions: Created an .exe image using rdeploy and saved the files on the DS server, copied the 3 files to the library’s fileserver in another building Also burned the image onto DVDs Went ...