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New forum discussion 18 Sep 2012
Hi There, I got this error everytime I tried to login to the console since last month. Everytime it prompted "Unexpected Server Error", I'm unable to login to the console at all. All users are unable to download the latest definition and the green dot is ...
New forum discussion 22 Aug 2012
Hi There, I experienced with this error from SEPM svr and keep getting this email alert saying that the svr is down. But I can login to SEPM console with no error, reporting OK and the client get latest update as usual. Any idea on how to get rid of this ? I'm using version ...
New forum discussion 09 Jul 2012
Hi There, I'm using SEP ver 11.0.5002.333 in my environment, are we safe and protected against 'Internet doomsday' bogue DNS server redirection ? regards, Wong
New forum discussion 09 Feb 2012
Hi There, Last year, I was told the SEPM 11 or 12 was not ready to support Iphone and Ipad, what about now ? Is there any progress ? As we all know, the mobile device such as IOS and Android based smartphone is getting popular and monopolized the market share, I’m a bit ...
New forum discussion 10 Jan 2012
Hi, I have this new notebook installed using windows 7 64 bits in my environment. I have created a 6 bits installer package from my sepm and try to install it manualy from the notebook but it failed. The windows just displaying similair to message "the installation was ...
New forum discussion 22 May 2011
Hi There, I was having this problem since yesteday, for some websites, I keep redirected to after it stays to the original websites after few second. Is there adware or malware which unable to detect by SEP ? Appreciate your ...
New forum discussion 25 Apr 2011
hi, I'm sure this is the standard question posted by most of the sep administrator, am actually looking for the option to remotely uninstall sep client from sepm console coz by deleting the client icon in sepm doesn't perform a clean uninstallation for the client ...
New forum discussion 15 Nov 2010
Hi, I've thise problem with a few client's pc. Their pc keep infected with W32.Downadup.B and repeating even after SEP detected and moved to quarantined and blocked. When I run manual the next day, it detected again. Any help ?