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New forum discussion 29 May 2015
Can anyone point me to an article or provide me with the Package Status definitions?  What does it mean when the status of a software package on a package server comes back as "Codebase Disabled", for example? Thanks!
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2015
We are currently running ITMS 7.5 SP1 HF3 and have been upgrading our site 2003 servers to Server 2012 R2 in preparation to migrate to the new 7.6 ITMS version.  I noticed that on the "Package Server" tab, only "Codebases: UNC" is listed.  HTTP is not listed.  Is this truly the ...
New idea 29 Apr 2015
In SMP 7.6, there should be a way to "rip-and-replace" the agent for clients that are known to have issues with a single agent or multiple agents.  This would be one single task that is run on the ailing agent that removes all the agents, cleans the registry and ...
discussion comment 31 Mar 2015
New idea 26 Mar 2015
Just as there is a Taskserver token, it would be good to have a packageserver token to use right out of the box.
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2015
I am working on our Disaster Recovery plan and am stuck at trying to point the client machines to a new server name.  Is there a way to do this if the original NS is no longer around?  Has anyone done this with a DNS alias?  I am looking for ideas. Thanks!
New idea 16 Mar 2015
In 7.6, create a section in Agent Health that flags an error or warning if one or more pieces to the SMA is not communicating or operating correctly then allow the IT Admin to remove and reinstall the agent right from that section of the console.
New idea 16 Mar 2015
I understand that in 7.6 there is the agent health section, but as I understand it, there is no way to use that section to "fix" sub-agents.  It would be nice to have an option in the Agent Health area to recognize and fix subagents for clients to ensure the agent as a whole is operating ...
New forum discussion 05 Mar 2015
Hello, I am runing ITMS 7.5 SP1 HF3.  We are in need of a SQL Query that returns Machines with Tape Devices Attached. Thanks!
New forum discussion 17 Feb 2015
All, I am trying to create a single managed software delivery that can be used to target both x86 and x64 machines.  As I test the policy on the x64 machines, it runs through the x86 detection and applicability tests and determines it is not applicable and in turn ...
New idea 13 Feb 2015
Ideally, for the sake of maintaining consistency, the pkgsvrhost share would be the same share name on each package server.  Even if the agent is installed on the E: drive, the pkgsvrhost share should be "pkgsvrhost$" instead of pkgsvrhostE$.  Scripts could then be used to ...
New idea 13 Feb 2015
In managed software delivery and policies, if multiple targets are added to the "Applied to" field, each time "Save changes" button is clicked, they all updated the "apply date" to the last date and time the button was clicked.  It would be nice to keep a record of when each target was ...
New forum discussion 10 Feb 2015
Is anyone aware if there is an updated Altiris Data flow diagram for 7.5?  Or is this one still applicable?