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New forum discussion 15 Feb 2013
I was given a handful of Dell Vostro 2420 laptops to image, and so far they have been a nightmare. I cannot find any drivers that appear to be compatible with WinPE 2.1, and I get paging errors when I try to use Ghost in DOS automation (I found a post discussing how to fix this using ...
New forum discussion 16 Oct 2012
Hi all! I built a brand new, from-scratch image today to reimage one of our computer labs. This image has Windows 7 x64 Professional installed. Once I got everything setup, I created a job to begin taking the image, being sure to enable "Prepare Using SysPrep". Once I assign ...
New forum discussion 23 Jul 2012
I'm using DS 6.9SP5 on a Windows 2003R2. I created a Sysprep'd image of a computer running Windows 7 x64. I then used the importcomputers55.xls file to create about thirty new computers in the DS, and then assigned the image to these new computers. They took the image without issue ...
New forum discussion 17 Jul 2012
We're running Altiris DS 6.9 SP5. Yesterday I setup an image with Windows 7 for a new laptop, and then took the image using Ghost in DOS PXE automation. I then sent the image to another laptop of the same model, yet when the image was finished, I found that it was not configuring. Upon ...
New forum discussion 08 Mar 2012
We have a license for Altiris DS 7.1 and PCAnywhere solution. However, after testing it for a few months, we're not entirely sure we want to upgrade to 7.1 (we have too many issues with it, and just in general find it to be slower and more complicated than 6.9). At the same time, ...
New forum discussion 14 Feb 2012
We're trying to take an image using Altiris Deployment Solution 6.9 at one of our locations. We're using MS DOS with the UNDI driver. When the machine we're trying to take the image from boots to PXE, we get a bunch of errors such as "bad command or filename - ...
New forum discussion 31 Jan 2012
We're decommissioning a few computers, and would like to remove both theSymantec Management Agent and PCAnywhere agent from the computers. Using this command, we're able to remove the management agent and related subagents, however PCAnywhere does not seem to be removed in the ...
New forum discussion 09 Jan 2012
Hello! We're in the process of migrating from Deployment Server 6.9 to Deployment Server 7.1. So far, I have site servers setup at four of our locations, but I noticed that for one of our site servers, the package service is showing 8 invalid packages, including: - Audacity ...