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New forum discussion 29 Jan 2009
I would like to create a custom collection and I'm not sure how to do it. I want to create a collection for all computers at a specific location with the subnet (lets say 10.19.x.x). We also have a wireless subnet (10.60.x.x) that is used by multiple locations not just this one location. ...
New forum discussion 04 Dec 2008
I would like to be able to add custom fields to show up in my winuser and worker console. 1. A location field for a user to select their location. 2. A blank field to populate with a room number. Any assistance would be appreciated.
New forum discussion 06 Nov 2008
We are in the process of installing CMS and want to start the project out right. I'm looking for input for computer naming conventions. Basically, I'm looking for what has worked for you? What are you using and what's the purpose behind your convention. My feeling is we need to have some kind ...
New forum discussion 03 Nov 2008
We have purchased some NAS devices to use to deploy sw at our remote locations. Yes, I know we should be using package server, but they weren't in the budget. Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? How do I set one of these devices up to be seen by Altiris and then redirect jobs ...
New forum discussion 06 Oct 2008
How can I run WSP as a standalone app? I have a laptop with WPS 7 installed in a VM environment to create packages. I get the following when trying to run WPS "Before you can use this product, you must configure or upgrade the Wise Software Repository. This must be done in the Wise Repository ...
New forum discussion 20 May 2008
We are looking at the LaCie (1 TB) NAS device to store our packages for remote retreival.
New forum discussion 15 May 2008
We are in the process of installing Altiris for the first time. I know this question is very vague, but I would like to here from the group on any pitfalls, advice you could share. Any check list you could pass along. My head is spinning and I'd like to try and get a grip on things before the ...