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John Wan

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New forum discussion 12 Nov 2013
Recently, I found that there are always a tape drive free even there are many pending job in the database.  Refer to the picture, TLD 2 & 3 are located at the same site and share the same resource pool. Perviously, it will use all drive during the daily backup. However, now as ...
New forum discussion 05 Sep 2013
Dear all, Due to the tape drive problem, one of the tape had been corrupted. After some checking, I found that it contains the data on few duplication jobs. I will need to do the duplication again, how can I do so? Can I do it by SLP? Thanks, John
New forum discussion 26 Aug 2013
My NetBackup master server and media server are running at Windows Server 2003 with version 7.1. I performed some backup on the oracle database perviously which I would like to restore it as a file base to UAT. Any idea how can I do so? Also, I have backup the AIX in standard ...
New forum discussion 22 Aug 2013
Hello, I will need to setup a Linux server at DMZ while my master server and media server are located at internal LAN. I checked the knowledge base which told me that it will only require TCP port 13724 and 1556 bi-directional. Is it correct? Any other TCP/UDP port is required?
New forum discussion 15 Jul 2013
I would like to exclude the last Friday of the month as the monthly backup will take over at that time. How can I set it with an easier way, for example by clicking something or command? Because I don't want to do it manually on scheduling which is very time consuming and easy to ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2013
I am trying to restore the AIX backup to one of the media server as a folder. However, I got error as following 6/20/2013 8:57:20 AM - begin reading 6/20/2013 8:58:08 AM - Info bpbrm(pid=3252) from client bk002: TRV - last message being suppressed after 10 ...
New forum discussion 22 May 2013
The backup service is down frequency. The path are missing and backup job are fail if it is using one of the media server.  I would like to ask, how can I check and what should I do in order to troubleshoot this problem? I already tried to reboot the server, but it has the ...
New forum discussion 14 May 2013
I have a lot of job which is fail recently with the simliar code. It can happen on different job and the tape which used before the job. So I don't think it is the problem of tape, however, sometime it can run successfully. Can anyone help to check? Thanks. Error bptm(pid=4520) ...