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jonathan_zak Symantec Employee Accredited Certified

Status: - 30 Sep 2014
Job Title: Senior Consultant

Information Governance and eDiscovery consultant with extensive experience delivering engagements for clients in corporate, state and federal government sectors.

Provide advisory services to clients, developing and implementing best practices for information governance, data preservation, data collection, processing and review.

Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.

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Symantec Technical Specialist (STS)
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Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS)
  • Symantec eDiscovery Platform 8.0 for Administrators
  • Symantec eDiscovery Platform 8.0 for Users
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New idea 25 Jun 2015
Currently, escalation notices will not get sent unless all of the custodians in the notice are mapped with an Escalation Manager. If just one of the custodians does not have an Escalation Manager, then none of the escalation notices get sent - even to those with an Escalation ...
New idea 17 Jun 2015
There has been customer demand for expanded reporting capabilities in eDP in relation to Legal Holds. Requesting an enhancement that would include all of the following reports. Legal Hold Report - in Detail: ---------------------------------------- Legal Hold ...
New idea 29 May 2015
When creating a Collection, include an option to automatically create a case-specific collection folder in the UI. With this option, a user would not have to manually create a folder and then manually map it as a destination. In addition, this has the benefit of reducing the ...
New idea 18 Nov 2014
Background: There are customers who need to run collections from what's called "hybrid" Exchange environments. These hybrid environments contain mailboxes located on Exchange 2010 (on-premise) environments AND on Office 365 Exchange 2013 environments. For many of these ...
New idea 18 Nov 2014
Background/Use Case: Many of our customers utilize Activity Reports on a monthly basis to identify login events on multiple cases over a specific time period. The goal is to determine which cases have had activity in them over the past month and are either candidates ...
New idea 15 Sep 2014
Currently the maximum threshold for Recurring Collection Tasks is set to run for a maximum of 99 occurences. Modify the options to specify occurrences as follows:  1.) For the option "Re-Collect: Daily," change the "End After:" to a default value of '365' occurrences. The user has ...
New idea 21 Feb 2014
Clients often migrate cases from one Clearwell appliance to another.  More often than not, these updates take a long time to complete so it's not efficient to run each update in a serial fashion. Optimize SLM to automate SLM updates to run in ...
New idea 22 Jan 2014
System Admins should be identified on the "Add Custodians" button as "Add Sys Admins" instead. The reason for this is to differentiate between Sys Admins and Custodians (both of which are part of two separate legal hold notices in Clearwell that are distinctly different from one other). Sys ...
New idea 22 Jan 2014
Currently the System Admin Notice automatically adds the Recipients to the Custodians List. Often, the System Admins are NOT technically custodians in the case. Enhancement Request: 1.) Create a configurable option in Clearwell to INCLUDE OR EXCLUDE System Admins from ...
New idea 30 Oct 2013
1.) When doing Enterprise Vault Journal collections and defining custodians, Clearwell creates LEGACY EXCHANGE DN STRINGS strings for the custodian identifiers. 2.) Try to use the CN value for the custodian in an EV advanced search and it was not able to find the ...
New idea 16 Oct 2013
Ran an EV Hold Task in Clearwell. We depend on the validity and completeness of "Hold Defensibility Report" generated after Task is Run. Please create an enhancement to be included in Clearwell. Identify the actual Journal Archives that were held - identified by ...