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New forum discussion 09 May 2012
1 need to install SV.S on several systems and would love a batch file sript in order to insall the software silenty with the GUI ADMIN installed as well... if anyone has such a script please post, thank you!
New forum discussion 27 Jan 2012
installed Office as a layer, work perfectly... had to reinstall Windows & again, i imported the Office layer I received this message. see attached pic Is there anything I can do or is this standard of Office that it is not importable.. thanks
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2011
Using SWV 6.1 on Win 7 ------------------------- I have layered software applictions that once activated and launched will retrieve an update for that software (new version, fixes, etc)  The standard updates/new version that all SW app go thru. Can I go ahead and ...
New forum discussion 31 May 2011
I currently have a script that i have on my desktop, once i click the .cmd file it "Deactivates" any and all layers that are currently running... an efficient way to leave SWV open for new layer installations... I was hoping someone could help me with a script that activates ...
New forum discussion 16 Feb 2011
I know you can activate a layer by creating a shortcut.  What I want to do, is be able to click on a specific file type, and if the program associated with that file type is deactivated, I would like, based on double clicking shortcut to auto activate the layer example:  I ...
New forum discussion 31 Jan 2011
I downloaded the lastest VM Player and would like to capture it to a layer (is this overkill, capture a virtualization SW in order to create additional layers of virtualization?) After installation it says the "Must reboot PC for installation to take effect", I do reboot but ...
New forum discussion 28 Jan 2011
I did a search and could not find the answer (sorries if its in the forum some place) Can I install and create layers using  Workspace Virtualization on any Mac OSx? Ii have a virtualized MAC OS (Snow Leopard 10.6.1) using VirtualBox and wanted to see if I could also install WSV ...
discussion comment 26 Jan 2011
New forum discussion 26 Jan 2011
I am using Windows 7 and SWSV 6.1 SP6 I have the admin installed and running.  I see the CMD link in the program folders, when I click the cmd icon, the cmd screen flashes and closes. what is the proper way to access the cmd to use it?  thank you Jon
New forum discussion 25 Jan 2011
Symantec WSV version 6.1 SP6 i have read the manual and see how I can export layers (deactivate and 1 by 1 right click and export) Can someone please direct me to the links in this community that explains how to do a batch (multiple layers / all captured layers) export and ...