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  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 (September 2012)
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New forum discussion 26 May 2013
Dear gents, i need your help and support on this issue that faced me , i received normal email but has archived email attached as attachment, so when i tried to open this archived email, two tnterfaces appearing for me on of them is (the enterprise vault is retrieving ...
New forum discussion 24 May 2013
Dear Gents, please can you help me on this issue, when i tried to retrieve one of my emails by outlook,i surpprised when the pop-up autthentication that was appearing for me is trying to coneect to ev server is diffrent from the ev server that my mailbox was enabled on ...
New forum discussion 09 Apr 2013
Hello, please, i want to someone help me and tell me what is the pros & cons for enabling the vault cach for my environment users, environment details: - EV version: EV v10.0.3 - OS: windows server 208 R2 Enterprise - enterprise vault for exchange ...
New forum discussion 06 Apr 2013
Hello, the users are encountering issues retrieving emails from STC Archiving Systems, while accessing the emails from Virtual desktop, So We need your support to help me to know all the ports required to access the archiving system from Virtual desktops. i want to mention ...
New forum discussion 31 Mar 2013
the problem was started, when one of the  Ev system mailbox for a specific Exchange server has been moved from that exhange server to another , since that the archiving options work exteremly slow for all the users that has mailbox on that exchange server, and based on technot found ...
New forum discussion 22 Mar 2013
Unfortunately, this problem started when the Exchange team moved one of Enterprise Vault (EV) System Mailbox for a specific Exchange Server to another ,and also when moved  some of users that mailboxes was enabled for archiving previously from  ...
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2013
hi guys, please can you help me and tell me what the Procedures and steps that should i follow it if i want to move one of user mailbox's that already enabled his mailbox for archiving to another exchange server on another domain target within the same site. i ...