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New forum discussion 20 Jan 2014
good    We are showing the next event in a server that has the version of SEP 12.1.1000.157 RU1,    Extraction errors Encountered by the Decomposer Engines    the attachment is complete message ...
discussion comment 18 Dec 2013
New forum discussion 12 Dec 2013
  good after applying a policy of blocking USB, does not start the computer operating systema, ...
New forum discussion 17 Nov 2013
good   traffic folder currently located in the following path: \ Program Files \ Symantec \ Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager \ data \ inbox \ log \ traffic,   its size is about 50 GB, in the Inner many files error, as ...
New forum discussion 12 Nov 2013
good   Currently we have three servers SEP manager on a site as shown in attachment, one of them will reinstall the operating system, I can tell what would be the procedure and configuration backup of SEPM     thank you ...
New forum discussion 04 Nov 2013
good   We have a SQL server 2008 for SEPM server to another server, I can tell that we monitor, such services and storage   thank you very much
New forum discussion 29 Oct 2013
Good We are currently using the CAVA to scan files on a NAS, we are using the antivirus engine and the SEP 12 SEP 11 these versions of SEP if soprtan CAVA? regards
New forum discussion 22 Oct 2013
Good we will install a new SEPM with sql server, we need to know which version of sql install sql server ...
New forum discussion 09 Oct 2013
good I can specify a command line to install the SEP 12 silent mode on a client with version ...
New forum discussion 26 Sep 2013
good   can you tell me if I can the date antivirus and antispyware definitions I can check the log to a key, for example for the version is:   \ HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Symantec \ Symantec Endpoint Protection \ SMC \ ...
New forum discussion 24 Sep 2013
good They can tell you how we can avoid creating a service in windows aplication with policy control and device ...
New forum discussion 17 Sep 2013
good   Someone can tell me if Symantec detects a risk (virus) called Ploutus,   thank you very much
New forum discussion 13 Sep 2013
good Currently I have SEP 12, we need to Symantec Endpoint Protection for Windows XP Embedded 5.1, ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2013
good we are trying to uninstall the SEP 11, in the msiexec / X{product uninstall key} currently have ...