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New forum discussion 29 Jan 2013
How can I use EV to capture text sent to a Cell phone?
New forum discussion 05 Jan 2012
Is there an EVCR tool for EV 10?
New forum discussion 22 Nov 2011
After reading the technical note on the Notes Migrator to Exchange Tool and the Quest documentation, there is no information that explains what to do at the EV side to prepare for the running of this tool.  Does anybody have experience with this that they can share?
New forum discussion 17 Nov 2011
20003 archiving is working fine, just set up 2010 archiving to a new journal mailbox on the 2010 server and email is not being archived from the journal mailbox.  Just sitting there.  What may be wrong?
New forum discussion 17 Nov 2011
One mailbox has been migrated to 2010 for testing purposes and a new journal mailbox created for what will eventually be "whole organization" but is right now just this single user.  Problem is I am not seeing his mail flow through this journal mailabox.  Seems I've ...
New forum discussion 31 Oct 2011
If I'm reading the instructions correctly, you must run this executable against each and every mailbox you intend to migrate.  Does anybody have a more automated method of doing this?
New forum discussion 26 Oct 2011
I've read the documentation on this, seems pretty straightforward - does anybody have any lessons learned or information they would like to share about this proceess? Any input would be appreciated
New forum discussion 12 Oct 2011
How to reconfigure PST Locator to scan certain drive, directory or computer - how is t his configured?
New forum discussion 12 Oct 2011
Is there an ability to prevent the (user mailbox) archiving of email that is flagged for follow-up? 
New forum discussion 28 Sep 2011
EV 9.0 (not yet to 9.0.2) - having to restart admin service for mailbox archiving to move from pending to shortcutted Does anyone have any information on this?  Moving to .2 this weekend and am wondering if this will "fix" the problem. Thanks!
New forum discussion 16 Sep 2011
How to not archive mail that has been flagged for followup?
New forum discussion 13 Sep 2011
First a question - when there's a flag on an item and it's archived, then the flag is removed, does it "rearchive" - i have a customer who is saying that the flag remains and won't update when the task is item is marked as completed. Thoughts?
New forum discussion 30 Aug 2011
I just went through the online Symantec Enterprise Vault Implementation Service Delivery Training for Partners and there were what appeared to be links to SOW templates, Design docs, implementation checklists, and a bunch of tools but I don't see where I can download them.  Can ...
New forum discussion 30 Aug 2011
i need to upgrade from ev 2007 to 8.5 first, then to 9.x -  i'm looking for the upgrade instructions from 2007 to 8 and cannot locate.
New forum discussion 24 Aug 2011
I've read up on the dynamic port assignment, how to, etc., but i just elected to disable the firewall on the EV server (small non-production test lab).  Am I still experiencing a port issue or is this indicative of something else?