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New forum discussion 11 May 2015
I'm getting ready to configure a NBU Master behind a firewall in a DMZ to communicate with Media Manager on a NBU Master that is on an internale corporate network. Running NBU on RHEL 6 Can someone quickly point me to a list of required ports to make ...
New forum discussion 18 Feb 2014
I have seen in the documentation that this is not a recommended practice but we are short on resources. Can a CASO server also function as an MMS and Optimized DeDuplication target for remote office replication? In this configuration, I can share remote MMS dedup disk with ...
New forum discussion 10 Aug 2013
I've recently implemented a Hub-n-Spoke BE2012 environment where I have 16 remote offices performing local backups to BE DeDup targets and then duplicating to our regional datacenter. I'm seeing a lot of Media Information warning from the remote MMS's during the replication ...
New forum discussion 31 Jul 2013
Given that there are limits/restrictions for the BE Dedup, is it the same for OST compatible appliances. I am looking to purchase some StoreOnce applicances and backing up to NAS targets. My question: Will we be able to address the StoreOnce NAS targets and a BEDeDup ...
New forum discussion 16 Jul 2013
I've had to disable NDMP on several NetApp filers in favor of performing backups via CIFS shares. What I am finding is that the incremental backups are performing as FULL backups. I don't imaging that this is normal behavior??? We're using BE2012 -> BEDedup  ...
New forum discussion 05 Jul 2013
Based on what I'm seeing, the NDMP back up streams are not being DeDuplicated or the deduplication ratio is non existent. My questions is: If I have NDMP disabled on the NetApp filers and back up the volumes via CIFS shares, will I be able to DeDuplicate the data ...
New forum discussion 14 Jun 2013
So... What happens when a Deduplication Storage device exceeds the 32TB of Deduplicated data? It cetainly seems to be a few limitations to using this method of Deduplicating without the use of an appliance: No more that one (1) device per MMS The ...
New forum discussion 02 Mar 2012
Is it possible to run a bparchive cmd against files and folders on a NetApp CIFS share. Have confimed permissions between the W2K8 Media Sever and the CIFS share. I am getting various errors so either it isn't possible or there is an error in my logic. EXAMPLE Command ...
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2011
I have a complicated backup we're trying to attempt ove the public network. I have a Solaris Master running NB7.1 and a new windows client that resides in a private cloud. We have opened all of the reuqired ports between the master and client and have gotten a green light using ...