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New forum discussion 09 Apr 2014
It mentions the ISAPI (and we tried the solution for that) When running the browser as administrator, says you ar trying to run this pge on a server with UAC enabled. Installation ran fine.  EV on same server works as do all the web pages (without errors) It is the ...
New forum discussion 10 Mar 2014
CA installed and configured (Customer DB exists, added the domain, event log shows synch'd) The CA client opens (runnig as the service account) cannot add users (Home, add role assignment)  The dialog box opens, but is disabled.
New forum discussion 14 Nov 2013
Upgraded EV and CA from 9 SP2 to 10 SP4 (via the approved upgrade paths. Now, when trying to connect to evbaadmin on the CA server, get the error cannot connect to server. (and the Configuration DB and the Customer Databases were upgraded at each step.) We were/are trying ...
New forum discussion 30 Apr 2013
Items are being journaled and archived (can export from archive to PST, savesets being created. However, nothing in the indexes.  Rebuild go fast but show nothing added to indexes. EV10 archiving from Exchange 2010. On Windows 2008 R2, IPV6 disabled.
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2013
When I try to install, (even with admin credentials) it only wants to install to E:\evault.  Since that directory is already in use, I need to install elsewhere, but it will not let me.
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2013
EV 10 SP2.  Exchange 2010. They want to perform archiving from the 'non-primary DAG to reduce the IO on the primary DAG. I do not think this is possible (for one thing, the tlogs go from the primary DAG to the repicas, NOT the other way around and the 'stubbing' ...
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2012
Environment - EV 9 (SP2) - yes, they are planning to upgrade. . . 2 EV servers  Each in a different EV site (but physically colocated.) DA installed on EVserver1 (EV site 1) Right now to run searches against each EV site, we must run 2 searches, 1 in each DA /EV ...
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2012
2 EV servers, each created in its own site.  Can we consolidate - move 1 of the servers into the other EV site? (All relevant servers (EV, SQL, Exchange) are in the same physical location)
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2012
I ran the SQL query below (we do not have 'many' searches yet, SELECT tc.[Name] AS 'Case Name', tis.[Name] AS 'Search Name', tis.StatusID, tis.RunDate FROM tblIntSearches tis JOIN tblCase tc ON tc.CaseID = tis.CaseID I was looking for a ...
New forum discussion 16 Mar 2012
Goal - To return discovery search items excluding a disclaimer seen in every email, while still returning an item contained in that phrase. Our e-mail MUST have a disclaimer stating "e-mail is subject to monitoring" However, if we perform e-discovery on various ...