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New forum discussion 05 Jan 2009
I am running SEP MR4, and I added an exception in the tamper protection exceptions from the SEPM.  the added exception does not show on the client centeralized exceptions.  Any clue?
New forum discussion 13 Dec 2008
hi, I am installing the SEP 11 with clientremote.exe, how can I remove the already installed CA client on the Clients Simultaneously
New forum discussion 17 Sep 2008
Hi, can I assign two different stores for one user.  one for the emails in his inbox and the other for the emails that is under a specific folder in his mailbox   I am running EV2007   khaled  
New forum discussion 12 May 2008
hi, In EV 2007 SP2 for exchange, I have a policy assoicated with a provision group (Arch).  Multiple users are in the target of this provision group 'Arch'.   How can I apply a different policy on one of the target users ? or i have to create a ...
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2008
Hi, Question, Does the archived items that the user had restored them to his mailbox are deleted from the Vault store?   another question, how can I refer to a subfolder under the user Inbox in the export wizard?  I tried \Inbox\xyz, \xyz, ...
New forum discussion 04 Mar 2008
Hi, I have EV 2007 running on windows server 2003 SP2 I have a backend exchange 2007 and two load balanced  CAS   two days age I cannot access the archived e-mails from the OWA.  When I double click on a message it display the below ...
New forum discussion 16 Feb 2008
Hi, I have a user that have an orphaned shortcuts,  I successfully able to retrieve the items from the backup.  How can I associate these shortcuts to the items restored from the backup to the EV server?   Message Edited by ...
New forum discussion 12 Feb 2008
Hi, How can I move archived e-mails from an online store that are (n) years old to an offline store that can be placed on an offline media i.e. Tapes?   the aim from that is to maintain the EV store size.  I am running EV 2007 SP2 on windows 2003 ...
New forum discussion 05 Jan 2008
Running Exchange Server 2007 with EV2007 SP1 users cannot access their archived e-mails using RPCoverHTTP (Outlook 2007) or thru https://ev....  and a login prompt is displayed to them   the resloution was after ...
New forum discussion 03 Jan 2008
Hi, I am running EV 7.5 on exchange 2007.  Is there any issues that may I face if I installed Exchange 2007 SP1?   On the OWA ( CAS in exchange 2007), I am running the EV 7.5 on the CAS with no problems, If I added another CAS as a cluster, Am I going to ...
New forum discussion 20 Sep 2007
I upgraded the EV server from EV 7.0 SP1 to EV 2007 and added exchange 2007 to the list of exchange servers in EV. I moved all mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to exchange 2007. The upgrade procedure went very smooth except when users try to connect with the outlook 2007 through RPC over HTTP.
New forum discussion 06 Aug 2007
I have EV 7 SP1 installed on windows server 2003 standard SP1. It is running perfectly with exchange 2003 mailboxes.  by installing Exchange 2007, I started to move some mailboxes from Exchange 2003. Now I need to move the mailboxes that had been archived on Exchange ...