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New download 11 Aug 2009
So I tookthe ez route this time. So sue me~! Sometimes, you just need the easy route with adding portal permissions. Well here it is. Clickity clickity, enter the package, and add a group to it.
New download 10 Aug 2009
This tool is an add on to an article I wrote previously. Every time I setup a patch task that went corporate wide, I had to notify all managers of each department ahead of time. ...
New download 09 Aug 2009
I've been wanting to write something like this for a long time. I actually started writing it 2 days ago, but laid it down to build another tool. This is a system tray app that is used to return the status of any of your current SWD tasks. You can set the NS server and it will ...
New download 08 Aug 2009
#4 down! 26 more to go. This is getting fun actually. This script will query an NS using the ExecuteDatabaseQuery method and grab every subnet known to Inventory Solution. It then takes each subnet and creates a dynamic collection on the server under a ...
New download 07 Aug 2009
Just a quick and dirty tool today.  Lately it seems I am receiving more and more lists of package guids in my inbox(migration audits, server owners looking to save space, etc). Rather than wrap them in a query or look them up one by one, I decided to write up this tool ...
New download 06 Aug 2009
Busy day today and not a minute to spare! Created a package with this app at 11:53(est). See accompanying blog entry for details. This tool will create a simple software delivery package. The labels are pretty self explanatory, just enter the details and click the button.
New blog entry 05 Aug 2009
I started writing this straight after work and ran into a few snags. The design was simple enough. I wanted to select a server, select a role and then add a full batch of users from a text box I could paste into. A few snags, but nothing I couldn't work around.  
New download 05 Aug 2009
OK first app down with 63 minutes to spare!(10:57 EST) Phew! This app allows you to quickly add users one at a time or in batch to any security role. It supports multiple NS's by reading a server list from a text file. I've included a brief readme.txt on usage in the zip. Also ...
New article 04 Aug 2009
When the boss emails you looking for metrics, how much time does it take you? It takes too long, in my opinion. I want to double click on something and generate a spreadsheet that I can email right back to him. Sure, most of our metrics are automated emails setup using notification policies, ...
New blog entry 04 Aug 2009
Hello Connect! I have decided to take on a personal challenge in an effort to teach and learn more about using the ASDK. I have been writing tools for work using ASDK1.4 for about 6 months and just started learning C#. Since then I've developed a few win apps that have saved ...
New article 21 Jul 2009
Have you ever migrated your SWD package source and needed a way to update and import your XMLs in batch? This walkthrough will show a simple and fast way to change SWD package info in batch using the import/export utility. Prereq: PrimalScript or equivalent ...
New download 20 Jul 2009
Required: Reporting server, Notification Server, Readonly SQL server ID In my company's environment, we maintain over 10 Notification Servers and over 56k nodes. For the longest time, we used an HTA that would popup during a machine's image process and let ...
New article 20 Jul 2009
When deploying software or software bulletins corporate wide, it is best practice to divide the pushes over several days. Creating static collections for every push is time consuming and inefficient. This document walks through the process of creating dynamic collections that can be reused, ...
New download 27 Aug 2008
This tool will run the "All Packages" report and return the results into a spreadsheet. It will first ask which server you wish to connect to. It ...