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New forum discussion 21 Dec 2014
Hi One of the client backup are failling with  the error :client/server handshaking failed(26) What are steps have to foolow to clear this error Again Backup was started But it was queued in Job state details it was showing (Required media server is offline for tape ...
New forum discussion 18 Nov 2014
hi team when am doing the restore am getting the below error please suggest. Warning bpbrm(pid=1728) expected start message from; read: Unrecognized -J string spsrestoreoptions=0    11/18/2014 12:45:22 PM - connected; connect time: ...
New forum discussion 13 Nov 2014
Hi All, I was facing error code 21- Scoket open failed issue. I have executed the above command "bptestbpcd -client <client-name> Result: 1 1 1 -> ->
New forum discussion 19 Sep 2014
Hi we have  one windows server  for that last full backup for the server is the server was retired .on 8-15-2014 we have full backup the backup we have  to consider as a final . how can we do the dupicate the backup ? the final backup i have to do ...
New forum discussion 14 Sep 2014
How can we comneect quantum i scalar -500 library directly to media server???? If any one have the doc please share.
New forum discussion 11 Sep 2014
Hi team, can any one help me . One of my sap onl poicy failling with status 6 Below are log files can any suggest me how to trouble shoot this issue 02:35:33.332 [7783] <2> logparams: -sb -rdbms sap -S XXXX -to 300 -c Policy name -s Policy name ...
New forum discussion 04 Sep 2014
Hi Folks, If the server have 8-30-2014 full backup on this day.after that we have incremental backup upto 9-02-2014.Can we consider it is   the final backup on 30th august?
New forum discussion 01 Sep 2014
Hi Team, Can any one have netbackup software intallation guide for windows share me. I have copied the software from another server to which am oing to install.But  i have some little bit confusion to install can any one help me .This is the first time am insatlling the ...
New forum discussion 27 Aug 2014
Hi Any one please share the documents for restore for windows servers.
New forum discussion 21 Aug 2014
Hi We have one vm policy for that policy we have 107 server to take the backup in that one of the server is hung unable to reboot because snap shot backups are running,so ineed to cancel the schedule how can i stop it.For all server backing up is all local drives.
New forum discussion 18 Aug 2014
The snapshot did not removed after the last backup .The process is hung and the server wen down.How can i remove the snapshot backups.It is is an vm policy.
New forum discussion 29 Jul 2014
Hi Team, If the database is down can we take the backup for that servers.
New forum discussion 03 Jul 2014
Hi Am getting the net work cnnection time out error in my environment i increased the time out after that also it was failling with same can i trouble shoot for the above error. the below error is nfo nbjm(pid=11116) starting backup job (jobid=840939) for ...