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New article 14 Nov 2014
Introduction Python is great for rapid development and we use a lot of it. We also use Pycharm as an IDE and its pretty neat for python development. However its not as evolved as eclipse so sometimes when pycharm has to be used in a large enterprise shop where we need to branch ...
New article 02 Jul 2013
Context This article seeks to go over the details of configuring an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to enable the use of centralized gateway IDS/IPS solutions in the cloud as we do today in the virualization world.  As a part of this research, several security solutions ...
New blog entry 08 Apr 2013
  Introduction OpenIOC establishes a standard for recording, defining and sharing information both internally and externally in a machine readable format [1]. OpenIOC allows a forensic investigator to describe IOC (Indicators of Compromise) in a ...
New article 05 Mar 2013
EDDA Development Environment Setup This document would go over the details of setting up an open source cloud management platform, EDDA which is maintained and used by Netflix for their cloud service orchestration. There are 3 main components to ...
New article 04 Mar 2013
Background Splunk is a popular tool used by many companies to enable monitoring and log aggregation. It's also really useful for performing data analytics leveraging the big data capabilities to extract a lot more information than what was possible before especially in a ...
New article 19 Feb 2013
Symantec, being a leader in the security domain for both enterprise and the consumer business has been very proactive in adopting and educating folks within its company on security best practices and policies. Towards this end, the CyberWarGames forms an important event within the Symantec ...
article comment 11 Feb 2013
New idea 04 Feb 2013
The world now is becoming more open and many companies in the security field are contributing to community. I personally was able to learn a lot from code published by companies like Netflix, Rapid 7 etc.  Can Symantec contribute to the developer community by exposing some of its ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
  One of the challenges for administrators, architects and developers in the cloud environment is to comprehend the relationships between different components deployed in the cloud as more resources are added to the infrastructure. Most management consoles do not clearly ...