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New forum discussion 29 Aug 2011
I upgraded clients to SEP 12.1. So far so good on most, however clients that use Oracle are having a hard time creating reports..takes ages to do and hangs, navigation is almost impossible. I've taken them back to SEP 11. However, can I create an exception for the program, or how do I go ...
discussion comment 25 Aug 2011
New forum discussion 25 Aug 2011
I need to disable the firewall, browser and network intrusion on my clients, whilst still having my policies work. How do I do this?
New forum discussion 19 Jul 2011
Since the 10.6.8 Mac OS Snow Leopard Update, all my mac clients won’t update the definitions through live update as usual. Please advise if the is a patch or fix for this bug. I’m running Symantec 11.0.6 MP3 both mac and pc in client server ...
New forum discussion 31 May 2011
For some reason, I don't have the deployment wizard, just the migration wizard. So I can't deploy or create client packages. What haven't I done?
New forum discussion 14 Feb 2011
Is it possible to upgrade a replicated instance of SEP? I had to move the SEP server to another server using the replication method some time ago and I now want to upgrade the instance to RU6 MP2. Will this be possible? Please advise.
discussion comment 09 Dec 2010
New forum discussion 24 Nov 2010
Quick question, is it possible to have DLO option on a workgroup...any work around? And if not, can I use BESR to back up my clients over the network like using BEWS with DLO option?
New forum discussion 15 Sep 2010
The icon just disappeared. Processes are running and program is updating fine, can open it from Start menu and all seems well. However clients paranoid that they aren't being protected. How do I get the icon back on their task trays?
discussion comment 21 Aug 2010
New forum discussion 21 Aug 2010
I've done the above before without any problems. Now when I create a new profile and specify the schedule, and click next..I get this box (see image below) and even when I click Ok..I just go back to the schedule settings. Please help.
discussion comment 06 Aug 2010
New forum discussion 06 Aug 2010
Good day people, I back up using BE 12.5 on to tape. It's been running well. Then it just stopped overwriting tapes. Gives me this error: Media Check Online media check : Insufficient online or nearline media is available to start job. Overwrite ...