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New forum discussion 20 Jan 2014
I mistakenly bought BE 2012 SP3 as our routine choice of backup software for a new server 2012 installation. And of course as I now find out, it doesn't work on server 2012. Despite having been around for some time symantec don't support it. What a joke. You've just lost another ...
New forum discussion 21 Oct 2009
Ok, so I have 11d on a clean install of Windows Server 2003. I've tried 2 seperate DDS4 tape drives and also a new LTO3 tape drive and cannot get BE11 to do anything other than perform an inventory. Whenever I try to erase/catalog/backup I always get  'A hardware error has ...
New forum discussion 31 Jul 2009
I've upgraded our old DAT drive to LTO3 on Windows Server 2003 running BE 9.1. Problem is BE will not do anything with the LTO3 drive - it always reports an 'incompatible storage media detected' error whenever I run any job. I've tried using the manufacturers tape drivers ...
New forum discussion 01 Feb 2006
I'm running BE 9.0 on Windows 2003 server with a remote agent on another 2003 Server. The backup job runs locally and also covers the remote server.Backups complete and verify OK, but I cannot change the job file selections as the Domain cannot be expanded.I've checked ...
New forum discussion 19 Jan 2006
I run a backup & verify job every night on a WIndows 2000 Server with BE V9.0. This job is approx 18Gb and normally completes in around 3-4hours.Recently this job occasionally sticks at the verify stage and runs for 20+ hours before I give up and cancel the job in its verify ...
New forum discussion 12 May 2005
I'm running BE 9.0 4454 on Windows 2003 Server with Exchange 2003. This has been working OK for some months.However, after a recent defrag of the mailbox database using eseutil, the backup fails every time with the following error:'Access denied to database Mailbox ...
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2005
Running BE 9.1 on Windows 2003 Server with an IBM LTO2 Ultrium tape drive. Backup jobs run normally and verify over 80Gb with no problems for several days and then the next day the job will hang at the first few bytes of the backup stage. Tried all suggestions on the Veritas knowledge base, ...