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New forum discussion 18 Nov 2013
hi guys, i need to perform a cold backup of my Hyper-V 2012 VM's. any working script how to shutdown the vm before backup and bring it up after backup ?  thank you for any suggestions ! 
New forum discussion 05 Oct 2013
ok guys, do i need to have it on both server's ? found this:
New forum discussion 04 Oct 2013
hi guys, i've notice that durine exchange backup remsrv.exe is using the mapi32.dll what is this remsrv.exe ? what's the name of the process ? and why it's touching mapi ?
New forum discussion 27 Aug 2013
beremote from BE [12872] 2013-08-25T23:00:25.783 [fsys\shared] - Attach to \\S554\Microsoft Information Store\Erste Speichergruppe [12872] 2013-08-25T23:00:25.783 [ndmp\tpfmt] - TF_OpenTape() [12872] 2013-08-25T23:00:25.783 [ndmp\tpfmt] - TF_GetDriveContext ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2013
hi all, again new BE issue : /   Backup Exec 2012 SP2 Exchange 2003 SP2 Backup to tape successful – when restoring can’t see for 3 mailboxes individual items for GRT restore. According to user the only ...
New forum discussion 15 Aug 2013
hi all, i have a w2k3 server (converted from physical to virtual with VMware ). be 2012. w2k3 server has one physical disk and 2 partitions on it (NTFS, basic). when running AVVI backup - no error no exceptions, can restore the whole .vmdk, but for GRT it's showing me only C:\ but ...
New forum discussion 15 May 2013
hi guys, i've checked in SCL OES 11 SP1 is supported. i have issue to backup eDirectory, can browse it in selection list but when backing up getting access denied, now i found in admin guide: ■ A local UNIX user name that is the equivalent of the admin-level ...
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2013
hi guys, i run exchange backup to disk than duplicate to tape. got e00002f7 from time to time when duplicating. c:\temp on BE Server excluded from AV scane. what can be the issue ? is there any form of authentication when duplicating to tape exchange ? thank ...
New forum discussion 18 Mar 2013
hi all, i have 2 Exchange in Domain, Exchange 2007 - backup , restore --> working fine Exchange 2010 - backup --> ok restore -->  0xe00002fc - Cannot restore one or more mailboxes when looking in logs can see that while restoring single items ...
New forum discussion 04 Mar 2013
hi guys, full running allways fine, some incremental failing with error “0xe00002fe - Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials." allways same user found this on BE Server log: 2604] 2013-03-01T23:40:35.689 [fsys\mb2] - ...
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2013
hi guys, i got the error message for all vm's in daily backup,monthly and weekly no errors there are no dynamic disk, no GPT, but one has few unfformated disks - could that  be the problem ? plus could be the problem that the System Reserved 100MB partition ...