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New idea 26 Jun 2014
It would be better if the permissions/roles traversed throughout all of the modules in Clearwell (i.e. a role that has collections access and/or legal hold access are only applicable to the case that a user is assigned versus collections being a "global" setting that is all or nothing).  ...
New idea 24 Mar 2014
When escalation emails are sent out, the verbiage on the email is causing confusion for the custodian, and we'd like to be able to edit the wording.  "Go To Confirmation Page" isn't intuitive enough for custodians to understand that they don't actually have to confirm the reminder but ...
New idea 21 Mar 2014
My legal team would like to be able to amend existing legal hold notices and resend to custodians.  There is often times when case details or relevant information that was originally sent out needs to be updated but sending a whole new legal hold notice would be confusing.  We'd ...
New idea 21 Mar 2014
Today, we have to create two legal hold notices for every case, because we have custodians (senior leadership) who do not have escalation managers listed on their Clearwell account.  However, if we have a single legal hold notice (with both custodians that have an ...
New idea 07 Jan 2014
It would be EXTREMELY helpful if there was alerting built into the application where administrators (who don't necessarily login and use the system everyday) where alerted when there was a problem.  For instance, my employee list was out of sync with AD for months, and I had no idea ...
New idea 10 Dec 2013
Within Clearwell, it would be nice if there were a "Download" button for the Uncollected Report within the Clearwell GUI.  This would be way easier than having to navigate 15 subfoldres below.  It would also save on having to grant special permissions on the V71x ...
New idea 12 Jun 2013
We are in the middle of deploying Clearwell eDiscovery, and it is very frustrating to us that there isn't a way to automate the population of escalation manager with Active Directory manager.  It would even be helpful if we could schedule a CSV upload with the information into ...