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New idea 12 Jun 2014
Hi. I am currently unable to configure an OpsCenter report with the column "Job Transport Type" always report as LAN. This is because the OpsCenter report is basically pulling the info from the columns of Netbackup activity monitor, but not info within the job ...
New forum discussion 11 Jun 2014
Hi all, Did anyone manage to successfully configure the SAN multi-path to your SAN storage array through the DMP setup on the appliance 5220 v2.6.0.2? I have an existing case with support and still waiting for backline to assist. If anyone manages to configure this ...
New forum discussion 19 Nov 2013
Hi all, I have a Solaris LUN that is 100GB containing more than 1 million small text files that takes a long time to complete the backup via our current Standard policy. Thus, I am looking either to backup this LUN via the NDMP policy through our NetApp filer or by performing a ...
New forum discussion 11 May 2013
Hi all, Below is my SEP environment. SEPM v11.0.7101.1056 with SQL server 2005 standard edition SP4 Running on a VM via Windows Server 2003 Std Edition SP2 32-bit SQL server is installed on Windows Server 2003 Std Edition SP2 32-bit on another VM I ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2013
Hi all, I need to create a new user account for my colleague to login and access the NBAC on site 2. Below is my environment. Site 1: NBU Master Server v7.1.0.3 NBU Media Server (Appliance 5220 v2.0.2) VMWare Backup Host Site 2: NBU ...
New forum discussion 27 Sep 2012
LiXiNg posted: SEP v12.2
Hi all, Does anyone knows if there is official release date for SEP v12.2? I am using SEP v11.0.7 RU1 MP1 and cannot update directly to v12.1. Lixi
New forum discussion 13 Aug 2012
Hi all, I had upgraded my SEPM to v12.1 in my test server. I wanted to stop my clients in my computer groups to auto upgrade their client to v12.1. I do not see the option in Symantec Protection Centre where I can disable the auto-upgrade. I had only so far added my SEPM in ...