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discussion comment 15 Apr 2013
New forum discussion 15 Apr 2013
On, I can see the latest version of VEA is 3.4.30 and it is not supported on AIX 5.3. My question is where can I download the old version package which supports AIX 5.3? Thanks!
New forum discussion 21 Mar 2013
My customer applied the 3rd party tool as SNMP server for capturing SNMP info from CCS; he can see SNMP traps on his SNMP server, but cannot read the data although he had put the MIBs into SNMP server per CCS admin guide as below: Solaris—/opt/VRTSamccs/SNMP/*.mib
New forum discussion 06 Mar 2013
I have a GCO system, Primary site is 2-node cvm+ HTC Agent, DR site is one node with HTC; after bring online HTC & cvm resources, I can see the following messages in engine_A log on primary site one minute intervals... <snip> 2013/02/15 15:02:13 VCS INFO ...
New forum discussion 14 Aug 2012
Customer is ready to configure LLT over WANs, he asks if NAT configuration is supported on LLT subnets? Thanks!
New forum discussion 15 Mar 2012
Customer configured NotifierMngr resource with SNMP, the alert messages could be sent to SNMP manager successfully; then customer asked if hanotify could send traps for automatic clearing alerts? I consider it's up to SNMP manager feature/configuration, am ...
New forum discussion 20 Dec 2011
The current version of VRTSperl is 5.8.8 and SUNWperl584core is version 5.8.4; if I upgrade SUNWperl to higher version or install the third-party Perl extensions, any influence on VCS?  Thanks!
New forum discussion 06 Dec 2011
I have a 2-node cluster on Windows platform, can I setup VVR data replication betwen these 2 nodes in one cluster (not 2-site cluster)? I can do it on UNIX platform, how about Windows?
New forum discussion 25 Feb 2011
My customer created total 8 jobs in FileStore Replciation>, when he tried to enable them, only 5 jobs could be enabled successfully, the remained 3 jobs coudn't be enabled without any error/warning messages. My question is how many jobs can be created/enabled at the same ...
New forum discussion 28 Dec 2010
Does VCS Oracle ASM Agent support Solaris x64 platform? If yes, which version it is? VCS 5.1? Thanks!
New forum discussion 28 Oct 2010
/var/VRTSat/.VRTSat/profile/certstore/keystore/PubKeyFile.pem /var/VRTSat/.VRTSat/profile/certstore/keystore/PrivKeyFile.pem My customer wants to know if the above certificate files have timeliness, do they expire? If yes, how to keep up-to-date? Any feedback will be ...
discussion comment 14 May 2010