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New forum discussion 19 Nov 2014
Hello, Our Netbackup 7.1 infra. backs up all our servers with full BMR backup schedules. We discovered lately that one of these servers (an Exchange 2010 server) is not backin up correctly. The backup job in the Activity Monitor shows as active but it remains not changed for a ...
New forum discussion 25 Aug 2014
Hello, We have a Netbackup 7.1 server running in a Windows Server 2003 environment and a Redhat backup client with Standard as policy type and ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES as backup selection. For Windows i already restored several times. I create the Shared Resource Tree, and I create the ...
New forum discussion 22 Jul 2014
Hello, I am facing a weird issue with my backup solution which is configured as follows: Netbackup 7.1 installed on Windows Server 2003 HP Storageworks 2048 with two tape drives Now, i have always one tape drive that goes offline everytime, and logs ...
New forum discussion 08 Jul 2014
Hello, I have couple of policies with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES as backup content and the backup clients are servers containing more than one disk partition (SYSTEM C: + Data partition D:). When I want to restore the server, it only restores C: ...
New forum discussion 11 May 2014
Hello, I upgraded my Netbackup 7.0 to Netbackup 7.1 in order to correct the backup errors of the 7.0 version related to the System State of Windows Server 2008. To test that everything works fine, I installed the 7.1 version in a test environment (VMware Workstation) with ...
New forum discussion 22 Apr 2014
Hello, We have Netbackup 7.1 and it's been about three or four years they didn't buy support contracts or new versions of Netbackup. Now, it is necessary that they acquire the new version of Netbackup 7.6. I would like to know if we should buy support contracts or the new ...
New forum discussion 15 Apr 2014
Hello, I am requested to buy some Netbackup 7.1 agents (Oracle, Exchange, Active Directory,...) But I do not know how to start or what to provide to the reseller (reference or anything else) Thanks in advance
New forum discussion 07 Jan 2014
Hello, Suddenly, I see in the Netbackup console, when i start a backup task, the state is MEDIA IS IN USE and not running at all. I tried to cancel the job, restart the Storage library, restart the server, but remained the same state Media is in Use ...