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New forum discussion 07 Aug 2013
HP Probook 4545s on HP site has no vista drivers listed so which drivers should I use? I keep getting restarting dhcp retry 1....2.....3.
New forum discussion 25 Apr 2013
I installed the symantec managment agent and it will not running any tasks. It usually runs the collect inventory tasks first before anything when it first installs. But I cant get it to do anything. Any suggestions?
New forum discussion 10 Dec 2012
I am trying to make sql server logins for other users so when they connect to the notification server console so it will not say "Access Denied  You currently do not have sufficient network access rights to the ...
New forum discussion 30 Nov 2012
Does anyone know why I cant find the computer in the database. I cant find it by the minint(name) or ip address but yet it still wont pick up to initial deploy.
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2012
I have an image that I try to deploy but says it fails because it was not enough disk space but it has plenty disk space. It says I have to add some switches. I was wondering do any of you have any idea what the attached file means or how to perform this action. It always stop at 82%.
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2012
I am having trouble finding computer by MAC address in NS 7.1. I am trying to delete it out of the database so I can run an initial deployment job. Does anyone know.
New forum discussion 08 Mar 2010
I upgraded to 6.9sp3 and also all my clients were updated and DS Remote Control has been working on and off but now it has stop working completely. Any ideas?
New forum discussion 11 May 2009
Is anyone else having trouble with DS 6.9 database. Im getting this message with a dialog box "visual-studio-just-in-time-debugger" and in it, it says "an unhandled win32 exception occurred in express.exe [3168] and the database stops working.
New forum discussion 31 Jan 2008
I just started using HII Tools and tried to create an image and when it ran the script to "Prepare Storage Drivers" it errored out with "error 1 during script execution". I looked in the log this is my error message: Invalid parameter specified DriverPrep 3.2.0 This ...