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New forum discussion 22 Nov 2012
Hi All, I'm try to deploy the Inventory plugin but it doesn't work. I tried to deploy others agents, and they all work ok, but this one want not be installed. I can´t install new inventory agents, and I am deploying it as the same as I did before. Do you know what ...
New forum discussion 14 Nov 2012
Hi All, I have been having problems to manage my software Catalog, because there is a lot of detected software (around 9000 different products). I saw that there are a lot of products that are repeated on the list, I think this is because it are different versions. But I need to ...
New forum discussion 14 Nov 2012
Hello All, I want to ask you (in your experience) what are the best practices trying to maintain my computers's inventory. When you take out a computer from your network do you delete it from the console (CMDB)? If you do that, how do you track this an all the ...
New forum discussion 08 Nov 2012
Hi All, when I try to open a new windows with a change (example: CM-000001) the most of the times I get an error loading the attachments. Instead of show me the  documents, it display an error that says "Exception: Error execution sql query". The log displays the ...
New forum discussion 07 Nov 2012
Hi All, I don't know you, but some times I have the following issue: When I try to work a ticket in the "Actions" menu, the options are not clickable. Do you know why happens this issue? In the image you will see that "Work Incident" or "Reassign ...
New forum discussion 05 Nov 2012
Hello everybody, Do you know an easy way to create automated tickets? I did it creating a new workflow, but everytime I need to create a new periodic ticket (as "review servers logs monthly, i.e.) I need to create a new workflow and it take around 30 minutes each one. I was ...
New forum discussion 01 Oct 2012
Dear All, Have you ever used this component? I'm trying to send an email to the user for his approval using this component. Everything goes OK, but when I click the link sent in the mail "Approve" I get the following error: Sorry, there was error ...
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2012
Hello, Do you know how to let a technician reassign a ticket without giving him super admin permissions? I only could do this giving the "Portal.Superadmin" permission, but doing that I am also giving permission to access to the "Admin" tab. Of course I'm ...