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New forum discussion 07 May 2013
I just added another GUP for my last subnet. The client knows it is there but I get this error from the client system logs. Downloaded new content update from Group Update Provider failed. Remote file path:
New forum discussion 26 Apr 2013
I have a SEPM server where the login screen comes up and then the SEPM service will stop. It will say logging in for a long time then it tells me the service may be stopped. I am using the embedded database. The event log gives me this error. The Java Virtual Machine has exited with a ...
New forum discussion 24 Apr 2013
I know that some recommend using a seperate backup job for each resource when using dedupe. However I have tons of jobs because of this and I would like to take about 6 of the smaller ones and combine them. Anyone see any issue with this?
New forum discussion 24 Apr 2013
And then it will not cancel etc. The only way I can get it to stop is to restart the services.
New forum discussion 19 Apr 2013
It does not look like in BE 2012 or 2010 that I can individually select different nic cards for different jobs. Just globally for ALL jobs. If I use the let the media server select it am I guaranteed that it will do the best job and will BE ever select multiple cards for my sometimes 6 jobs ...
New forum discussion 19 Apr 2013
I had this working a while back and I was able to use the SQL etc. backup like for a normal server in the domain. It is not working now. This is a seperate server not on the domain. I can do user defined and see the c drive etc. but not the normal SQL database files in the selection list. I ...
New forum discussion 11 Feb 2013
Case in point. From SEPM I go to a client and look at properties and it tells me False on the GUP and also that it rejected the upgrade package. Both of these are not true because I log into the client and sure enough it is using the GUP correctly. The client status updating time is current ...