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Marie Pettersson Symantec Employee Accredited

Status: Status update... - 11 Aug 2013
Job Title: Regional Product Marketing APJ
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New blog entry 27 Feb 2013
If mobile payments were hottest in 2012, I would say that smart cities, government, cars, healthcare and other machine to machine related solutions are on the hottest list 2013. I see many of the operators, among them SK Telecom and NTT Docomo, displaying vertical mobile services that will ...
New blog entry 26 Feb 2013
Day 2 has started and all the impressions from Day 1 are being gathered and processed. Asia has a huge representation and yesterday I met Japanese, Chinese and Koreans every two meters in the exhibition. It is clearly a global show where all and everyone in the industry take part. Some of my ...
New blog entry 10 Oct 2012
BYOD is hot! However, as our recent mobile product and program news highlights (, there is still a lot more to enterprise mobility. Companies need to understand their total mobile story, of which BYOD will likely only ...
New blog entry 26 Sep 2012
The finance industry is as exposed to ‘mass market’ attacks as any other organisation. But their greatest worry is probably the targeted attack, being more difficult to detect with attackers having specific system or set of information in mind which they wish to compromise. ...
New blog entry 24 Aug 2012
Mobile applications are gaining more traction in the finance industry as well as elsewhere, and Forrester has a great overview of Mobile banking apps in their recent research piece on Mobile Banking. Even though these apps are being developed in different fashions, offering different ...
New video 22 Aug 2012
Q2eBanking executives discuss the benefits of Symantec’s validation and authentication services in providing secure and confident transactions for the ...
New blog entry 15 Jun 2012
A few weeks ago I hosted a banking sector CIO Roundtable on the topic of mobile technologies and their impact, both inside the enterprise and in how banks engage with their customers. Of particular interest was the whole area of mobile payments - not least because there still appears to be so ...
New blog entry 07 Jun 2012
We are shortly publishing a paper around BYOD and exploiting the business potential related to this phenomenon. This blog will be the discussion arena for any feedback or thoughts on the paper.
New blog entry 07 May 2012
An interesting global study on mobile life and bahaviours has been carried out by TNS and presents some great graphics on the
New blog entry 03 May 2012
No surprise, but still interesting to see is that the Top 10 tags on show Mobile banking and payments on top. It is a trend that is absolutely real and with an extensive fragmentation when it comes to best ...
New blog entry 05 Apr 2012
Consumerisation is nothing new. When personal computers first arrived (together with office and database software from companies like Lotus, WordPerfect and Microsoft) they enabled people with a bit of money to equip their home offices in much the same way as their workplaces. The key ...
New event 10 Feb 2012
Visit Symantec at MWC 2012 - hall 8 at booth #A171 and schedule a meeting with our business or technical experts.
New blog entry 10 Feb 2012
I am absolutely blown away with what is going on in the mobile world and the latest numbers from IDC demonstrate the fact that mobile is breaking every record. A year on year growth of 57% for Smartphone shipments compared to last year. Do I need to say more? These ...
New blog entry 31 Jan 2012
In a couple of week’s time Symantec will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress to showcase the technologies that support and help build protection for the mobile world. There is an abundance of areas where technology and ...
New forum discussion 09 Jan 2012
Financial services supplier Fiducia in Germany has given us a showcase in multilayer security, which is an absolute must for banks, trading houses and other finance actors. I really enjoy seeing how some players think about security and how they have crystal clear objectives, which highlights ...
New forum discussion 28 Nov 2011
Shared services, private cloud, or whatever you wish to call it. Many banks and financial institutions have already walked in that direction and are looking for more benefits in that area as transaction rates keep increasing, new services need to be delivered more rapidly, regulations ...
New blog entry 20 Oct 2011
Symantec’s recent Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey found that 67 percent of IT and C-level professionals are less confident about placing mission-critical applications on a private/hybrid cloud due to business ...
New forum discussion 11 Oct 2011
Symantec’s recent Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey found that 67 percent of IT and C-level professionals are less confident about placing mission-critical applications on a private/hybrid cloud due to business ...