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New forum discussion 11 Mar 2015
In the process of upgrading a client's DLP environment to version 12.5.2 and discovery scans are no longer working since the upgrade from 11.6.2 to 12.0 and then to 12.5.0. Enforce and detection servers are running the same version. The scan starts but nothing actually happens - no files ...
New forum discussion 26 Feb 2015
As part of some work I'm undertaking for a client to raise their DLP environment to the latest version, I have to firstly upgrade DLP 11.6.2 to 12.0. I simulated their environment in my test lab and the upgrade sailed through with no problems. So, it comes to performing the ...
New forum discussion 17 Feb 2015
I have a client that wishes to move/migrate their current DLP 11.6.2 Enforce/Oracle server to version 12.5.1 on a virtual server. They have provisioned a VM with Windows Server 2012 R2 build and I know this is now supported with DLP 12.5.1 as of January this year. My original plan was to ...
New forum discussion 14 Dec 2014
Deplying SEP client including '...automatically remove existing security software' option but MS Security Essentials seems to be staying put. According to the Third-party security software removal support list.pdf, Security Essentials version 4.0.1526.0 should be removed but x86 ...
New forum discussion 11 Dec 2014
This seems to show only those computers on the same subnet as the SEPM (this is according to the client). Is there a way in Browse Network to add other subnets or IP ranges? Or do I have to use the Search Network tab? Thanks Mark
discussion comment 27 Aug 2014
New forum discussion 27 Aug 2014
Hi I have a customer that is using client side PST ingestion that seems to work except for a lack of shortcuts and folders in Outlook despite the PST policy having those options selected.  I have been asked how to have these shortcuts and folders appear for a PST file that has ...
New forum discussion 01 Jan 2013
Is it possible to use the SWG VA with VM Workstation 9 in SPAN/TAP monitor mode? I have VMNET0 bridged directly to the physical NIC that's attached to the mirroring port on my switch. The host is running Linux and ntop confirms that port mirroring is working. TIA Mark