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New forum discussion 19 Jun 2010
hi, I need to be able to restore from an LTO3 tape at another site rather quickly...  backup exec server 2010 is used both ends.  could I simply backup the catalog folder to USB stick stop services at other end, drop contents in & restart services?  or is there something ...
New forum discussion 17 Jun 2010
Hi Everyone, What are you excluding from your selection list on an exchange server 2003 full system backup using backup exec 2010? I am aware that certain folders need to be excluded for various reasons but just wanted to know what others have setup? Many thanks in ...
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2010
Hi, Just a quick question out of curiosity.  Running BE 2010 with a Dell ML tape library.  If I have a media set where the overwrite protection period is set to none.  When a backup runs will it automatically select a tape with the oldest modified date or does it just ...
New forum discussion 08 Apr 2010
Hi, Have just upgraded from 12.5 to 2010 & applied all the live updates.  Running Windows 2003 Storage Server 2003 R2 SP2 64Bit, SQL Server Standard 2005 SP3. Since the upgrade to 2010 2 days ago, my backup jobs have gone up some size (no changes to the job selection ...
New forum discussion 06 Apr 2010
Hi Everyone, Simple query I hope...  I have created a Backup-to-Disk folder which has the following settings applied ; Path : C:\Backups Maximum size for backup-to-disk files : 50GB Maximum number of backup sets per backup-to-disk file : 1 Now I am just ...
New forum discussion 24 Mar 2010
hi everyone, just got off the phone to symantec support with regards to a seperate issue.  they were connected in taking a look at my backup selection lists & they asked a question of why is the recycler and a few other system folders selected.  i just told them I have ...