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New forum discussion 10 Jun 2014
Hey guys I was curious if anyone knew of a "brain dump" somewhere that people have posted executables, msi files, etc that are suggested for blacklisting. I have some malware and basic streaming software setup in there but would love something to be able to reference. Anyways, just curious if ...
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2014
I have searched around and haven't found anything that really applies yet so if this is similar to another post I apologize. We have a Mimecast Outlook plug in we're going to install but the problem is my predecessor had installed 32bit Office on Win 7 64 bit images so now we have a ...
New forum discussion 21 Aug 2013
Hey guys, thanks in advance for any help. I found an AWOL machine reporton Connect a while back that we have been using but I noticed it includes retired assets. I was curious if anyone had any idea on what I could do to make sure that only active/non-retired machines showed up in this ...
New forum discussion 30 Jul 2013
I have a Reflections program that has been uninstalled on about 2000 machines. On maybe 100 of them it still shows installed even though there is no mention of it in the registry under HKLM\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall. Does Altiris look at specific registry keys to see ...
New forum discussion 11 Apr 2013
Hey guys, thanks ahead of time for any help on this. I'm trying to recreate a filter type we used back in 6.5 that a previous coworker built. Basically it will show any machines that don't have a specific software installed so we can target them to get it installed. Below is an ...
New forum discussion 28 Dec 2012
I'm trying to add "Last Collection Date" from the canned Computers that have not reported inventory in last N days report over to my custom created Hardware Inventory Search report. I successfully joined it and it matches up however now I'm seeing duplicates of some machines ...
New forum discussion 18 Oct 2012
Hey guys, we're still hanging on to the old version of Helpdesk which I have almost no background knowledge in as pretty much everything I've worked on is strictly NS/DS. I was curious if anyone knows how to get the Admin command menu added for a Helpdesk worker like ...