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New article 15 Oct 2013
In this article I will illustrate the steps to deploy ghost images on small branch offices without implementing Deployment Site Server components. This "how to" includes 4 steps I recommended in one scenario with the following ...
New blog entry 12 Aug 2013
According to ssd-vs-hdd-report, Windows does not allow a reliable way to collect information about a SSD disks. However we can ...
New article 23 Mar 2012
Environment: Imagine the scenario where you have many Windows XP Clients which have been originally installed with 2 partitions (i.e. C:\ and D:\ , one being the System\ boot partition and the other one the User data partition). You want to migrate to Windows 7 x86 and keep the 2nd ...
New blog entry 24 Feb 2012
If you wish to apply the registry change mentioned in  TECH109926 to several machines using SMP server you can perform the following steps:   On the Notification ...
New blog entry 23 Feb 2012
Regional settings may not be applied correctly when selecting a custom unattend file for a Windows XP Scripted installation As mentioned in this KB article
New blog entry 12 Jan 2012
Ghost, shipped with Deployment Solution 7.1 and later, is capable to create / convert to VHD images. You can convert a ".GHO" file to a ".VHD" file using ghost32.exe, ghost64.exe or the Linux version of ghost.exe. To convert the file, run ghost ...
New blog entry 11 Jan 2012
Ghost32.exe and Ghost64.exe build and onwards, have new Switches to enable Multicast Peer Restore. Here is the full list: -MP Enable Multicast Peer Restore. Use this when cloning from a network location to cause ghost to ...
New article 31 Mar 2011
Ghost Solution Suite is one of the industry's most widely used imaging and migration solution, however one of the features that the product was lacking from his big brother Deployment Solution 6.9 or 7.1, is the possibility to perform a Scripted OS Installation with ...
New blog entry 21 Oct 2010
  To change the image store location, do the following: Create an image folder on the drive you want to store images on. (i.e. D:\image) Move the content of "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Task Handler\image" to the image ...
New article 29 Jul 2010
These step-by-step instructions assume that you have installed pcAnywhere 12.5 on your Deployment Server and followed HOWTO9707    Part 1: Creating the Thin Host ...