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discussion comment 07 Feb 2011
Meatball commented on: Event 40966
New forum discussion 31 Jan 2011
Hi, I am getting the following errors in the events 40966 with task category as "none". this happens at least every 5 min and because of the amount of errors i get 3310 as well. i have looked online but i cannot find anything that is close to this ...
New forum discussion 15 Jan 2011
Hi Guys, I currently get a lot of errors in the EV logs for Storage Delete. I am running Ev 9.0 and have just completed a Move archive. That went petty smoothly, until I try an delete the old archive. after that i recieve the errors every 5 - 10 mins. We are using centera for ...
New forum discussion 13 Jul 2010
Well basically, the we have 2 domains with trusts set up between them. Now we have only been archiving from one of the domains. we have decided to get rid of the domain we have been archiving from. All exchange servers and users have been moved into the new domain. The EV ...
discussion comment 25 Apr 2010
Meatball commented on: EVPM
New forum discussion 25 Apr 2010
Hi all, i am recieving alot of the following warnings in the events .6941. i have found alot of tech notes pointing to owa issues but the problem i am having is from outlook. Any ideas on how to hide these errors or fix them. i am running EV 8 sp3 on win win 2008 R2 x64.
New forum discussion 16 Mar 2010
Hi All, I currently have an issue with EV 8 SP3 Reporting on SQL 2008 x64. after the inital install and config of EV reporting i am able to connect to the reports and set up subscriptions with no issues. After i close the Page and try and connect again the Reports home ...
New forum discussion 02 Feb 2010
Meatball posted: EVPM
Hi, I am currently in need of assistance in creating an EVPM script to override the mailbox policy.   What i require is a script to archive any item Larger than 1 MB in size in the mailbox regardless of date or if the item has been read or not. the MB ...
New forum discussion 11 Jan 2010
Hi all, would appreciate it if some one could tell me how to go about removing EV 8sp3 from a MSCS. i need to reinstall ev as it seems that some thing went wrong with the inital installation. The issue is that when i want to open a policy there is nothing there and when i try and ...