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New forum discussion 10 Dec 2013
I need to find a way to figure out the Mb/sec (Mb=Megabits) that will be replicated to my offsite and the pipe size I need in order to stay insync. I have been testing VVR and have all of my setting in place with everything working correctly. But with a 10Mb VPN internet pipe I have the line ...
New forum discussion 02 Apr 2013
I added a new volume to my disk group and added a mirror to my main drive. So far it has been 10 hours and is only at 38%, but a Snap Prepare has never taken longer then 3 hours. Everything is running fine and the system is not slow, is there somthing wrong that I am not ...
New forum discussion 01 Feb 2013
Server 2008r2, SFWHA5.1. I while back I had my main drive go corrupt. I renamed one of my snapshot drives changed the drive letter and I was back up and running. My question is the Volume status is "Healthy(Shadow copy - read/write), NTFS" Is there a way to remove the ...
New forum discussion 01 Feb 2013
I am running SFWHA5.1 with VCS. I have a diskgroup that is monitored by VCS. In my diskgroup I have my main drive then 3 snapshot drives that I have scheduled task running to Snapback then take a new snapshot daily. This process was running fine till I added the snap drive as resources in ...
New forum discussion 28 Jan 2013
I already have SFWHA installed on my servers, 2008r2 enterprise. I just purchased VR and need to add the Lic key. I didnt have a problem with the first server, going through programs and features I was able to add the key to Lic MGT. But when I went to repeat the process on the second server ...
New forum discussion 04 Jan 2013
I already have SFW HA 5.1 installed on my server and I just purchased a License for Volume Replicator. How do I add the feature (VR) and the License to Veritas?