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New forum discussion 18 Sep 2012
The db configuration fails pretty quickly.  Thought I'd throw the log out here and see if anyone has any ideas before opening a ticket. Thanks in advance! Mike [09/19/2012 10:54:20] Cleaning up rc scripts for broker [09/19/2012 10:54:20] Cleaning up rc ...
New forum discussion 20 Jun 2012
Hello, After numerous attempts to download the file, NB_CLT_7.5.0.3-tar-split.2of3, each time the download is only seen as ~800MB instead of the 1.4GB size that is listed in the technote for the download link. Is anyone else running into this issue? Thanks, Mike
New forum discussion 30 Jan 2007
Anyone know when they will be releasing an ASL for the Sun StorageTek 6540? DMP does not work well without it, and I'd rather not go to MPXIO at this time.Appreciate any insight...Thanks,Mike
New forum discussion 18 Jan 2007
VXVM 5.0 is putting all disks presented to the system from a Sun STK 6540 into the default enclosure, Disk.Also, VXVM is seeing the 2 lun paths, i.e. c2t0d10 and C3t0d10 as separate disks until a reconfiguration reboot is performed.I know that the ASLs are included ...
discussion comment 17 Oct 2006
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2006
How do I set up a service group to attempt to restart resources twice and wait 120 secs before failover?TIA!
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2006
Can anyone tell me where to find the media for the Oracle E-Business Suite Agents? There is nothing on the 4.1 price list, so I thought that it might be bundled with something else....Oracle E-Business Suite - UNIXv4.1Application ServerConcurrent Mgr
New forum discussion 14 Apr 2005
I created a volume set consisting of 2 volumes, named vol1 and vol2.I am using EMC SnapView for snapshots. When vol1 was a standalone volume, I was able to snap the device path,/dev/vx/rdsk//vol1Now that it is in a volume set, the path is: