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New forum discussion 26 Oct 2013
I was wondering, In the event my mail server is down, will the mail proxy servers of symantec hold the messages until our system is back online. If the answer is yes, 1. What is the capacity? 2. What is the duration? If possible, I need to have an official ...
New forum discussion 01 Sep 2013
Where do I locate the owa extension? Is it possible to download owa extenstion SP3 for exchange 2010? I really can't seem to find the link.
New forum discussion 27 May 2013
Hi, It is my first time installing this product. Is there an official technical documentation to perform the upgrade and retain the settings that are set previously. Will appreciate your help. thanks.
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2012
Hi, Im new to EV and I have installed 10.0.1. I have provisioned and run my first archiving task. However, when I granted myself permission to read the contents of the mailbox, the integrated search doesn't open. My archiving task archives anything older than 0 days for me to test ...
New forum discussion 26 Jun 2011
Just want to know what exactly is happening when archiving email on exchange. To perform this, Do I need to backup first? - Why? As I understand, the selection are directly pointed to the exchange servers, so how would backup exec know that the file selection were ...
New forum discussion 11 Jun 2011
Hi all. I'm trying to backup a machine around 20GB with AD and SEPM and SEP installed. I intend to do a restoration to a new machine with same hardware. not sure of the procedure though. Do I need to install windows 2008 R2 join to domain first, reboot to restore ...
New forum discussion 06 Jun 2011
In Symantec Endpoint Protection, with the network threat protection installed, What will happen if I install a program after the firewall has been installed? Will this be automatically opened, example will be adding an active directory to the server? Or do I need to manually create ...
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2011
Hi Guys, Still a newbie with Brightmail Appliance. We got a notification to update from 9.0.2-9 to 9.5.0-19  and being a newbie as I am, I did a backup of the current configuration and did the upgrade. How long does it usually take to complete since until now its still doing the ...