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New forum discussion 07 Mar 2013
Hello all, Have anyone know whether coming SP2 of BE 2012 will support VMware Data restored by SAN transport mode? This is the missing important feature for restore in case of enterprise environment. Hope anyone feedback. Thanks.
New forum discussion 26 Feb 2013
hi I have a windows 2008r2 sp1 host running backup exec 2012 sp1. But it failed to perform san vmware vm restore. The esxi servers are vsphere 5.0 GA. so what version be can i fallback for vm 5.0 safe san backup and restore? pls suggest me. wish your help.
New forum discussion 19 Feb 2013
Hello all, I need to use SAN transport mode for VM restore from Backup Exec 2012 R2 (version 14 build 1798). I have checked VMware to need VDDK 5.0 U2. 
New forum discussion 03 Jul 2012
Dear all, Refer to this KB - Symantec does not support any NetBackup configuration which involves a NetBackup server or client host ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2012
Dear all, I have configured a MS-Windows policy to backup the C: and D: of SAP Application Server. And enable Windows Open File Backup to use VSS in Master Server. Job is completed with errors as below. 6/19/2012 4:08:50 PM - begin writing 6/19/2012 ...
discussion comment 14 Jun 2012
New forum discussion 13 Jun 2012
Dear all, I am new to encryption. Just I have created catalog backup policy in NBU 7.1 for windows 2008 R2. But, encyption option in policy is disabled. So, how can I do if catalog backup need to use NBU encryption? Thanks. Mike
New forum discussion 14 May 2012
Dear all, I am new to SFHA for window 6.0. Our environment is that we have setup a VCS 6.0 for windows 2008 R2 running NBU 7.1. The default virtual hostname bind to virtual production LAN adaptor. Now we need to setup virtual backup LAN adaptor for ...
New forum discussion 10 May 2012
Dear all, My environment has a Windows 2008 R2 physical machine running Endpoint Server 12.1 and installed with NBU client 7.1. NBU Master/Media server is 7.1 running upon Windows 2008 R2. We have a BMR policy for system full backup. However, log shows that BMR ...
New forum discussion 05 May 2012
Dear all, I received the message "Failed to mount srt wim" when creating SRT. Netbackup Master/Media Server 7.1 is running upon Windows 2008 R2 standard. BMRSRT log as below ===== 0,51216,125,125,1,1336217164400,12016,9032,0:,49:Could not find ...