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New forum discussion 30 Aug 2011
I'm doing some testing and documentation for a presentation and one of the subjects involved is using "reinstall existing account" as a means of moving user data from one machine to another.   Everything seems to work great; the new machine has access to the old ...
New forum discussion 15 Aug 2011
I'm not sure if this is a question for this forum on the Notification Server forum but here goes... I'd like to create user groups where each group has management rights to their subset of computers and doesn't even know that any other computers exist.  I've tried ...
New forum discussion 06 May 2010
During an installation of SP4 of the Symantec Management Platform the installation program "hung" (I believe in step 3 of 17).  After waiting about 5 hours, I tried using the cancel button in the Installation Manager, but the only response was something like "an ...
New forum discussion 30 Apr 2010
Here's my scenario...I've got an XP system that has backed up sucessfully using the latest version of RS (7.0.3454).  I wipe the machine and install Windows 7.  I install RS pointing to the old account and verify that I can restore individual files and folders from the ...
New forum discussion 01 Apr 2010
Can anybody confirm that Windows 7 support for RS 7 is close to being released?  Rene Kolga posted a message about 8 weeks ago that said they were shooting for a release in early Q2 (of this year) and that seemed to be the end of the discussion.  I found out yesterday ...
New forum discussion 03 Dec 2009
I currently have 11 different servers, each with Notification Server and Recovery Solution installed.   This works fairly well, but administration is difficult.  I'd like to get to a single Notification Server model, with multiple Recovery Solution clusters sharing ...
New forum discussion 05 Oct 2009
There is a Recovery Solution "Best Practices" KB article (KB47687) that shows a nice dashboard on page 7.   My question is, does anybody actually see this page when they open their management console and select Home/Recovery Home?  What I see is a mostly empty ...
New forum discussion 10 Mar 2009
Are these forums still active or have we been switched over to "Symantec Connect"? Based on the posting by EdT on 2/15/09, I thought these forums were being moved over on the March 6th. If anybody has tried the new forums on Symantec Connect and found anything relating to Recovery Solution, ...