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New forum discussion 28 Oct 2013
Good Morning... I'm finally delving into the world of Win7 ( I know I know) and have completed my baseline image.  Prior to win7, I never really used sysprep, so I figure I'd give it a go this time.  I created a win7 sysprep configuration and set it to what I need. I ...
New forum discussion 22 Aug 2009
Hello Everyone: I have an odd problem, but probably a simple resolution. Here's the senario: 10.211.10.x  and 10.211.50.x are located in seperate buildings. All images were built on the 10.211.10.x network (no sysprep, just build the image and ghostwalk/rename machines ...
New forum discussion 16 Jul 2009
Hello. I'm trying to grab an image of the generic dell 760 but it fails when trying to use the winPE. The following are the error messages I get from the console: ------ Drivers could not be found in the PreOS for the following devices: Manufacturer: ...
New forum discussion 05 Aug 2008
Hello: I am experiencing a wierd problem.  I have a GX620 image that I just built with XP and SP3 (along with all my other software).  I was able to install the Ghost Client w/o a problem and pull an image from the workstation.  When I went to push the image down, however, things tend ...
New forum discussion 04 Aug 2008
I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue where Ghost errors out on an imaging task, and it occured to me, could the Dell Utility partition be getting in the way?  Does Ghost like this partition or is the recommended course of action to delete the utility partition so that there are only 2 ...
New forum discussion 04 Aug 2008
Hello: I've imaged a workstation both through the console and through the client initiation, and every time when it finishes the clone, and fires off GhostWalker, it crashes. I'm using the PC-DOS configuration because the winPE wouldn't find the NIC for my Dell 755.  I created a ...
New forum discussion 04 Jun 2008
Hello: I'm fairly new to the GSS suite and was reading some of the threads related to DeployAnywhere. From what I gathered, this new feature of GSS allows us to look to a common repository for drivers so that we can have a "hardware independent" image. But I keep ...