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New forum discussion 03 Oct 2014
Hi, after a fresh install of Symantec DLP, I've found that  the User Cancel popup has, as background, an old image of my company. Is there a way to understand where eh get this image from? thanks
New forum discussion 28 Mar 2013
Hi, we are experiencing a strange issue on SEP Managed clients.  To allow some of them to connect through VPN, we have moved them (from the console) from the standard group to a dedicated one.  All is working correctly, they get teh new policy and own to the new ...
New forum discussion 07 Sep 2012
Hi, to face some requirements in our company, I'm trying to use LUA (Version: to provide updates to some specific clients. What I'm concerned about is the size of the VDF LUA server download from Symantec. Every update it downaload 3GB, having as product only ...
New forum discussion 12 Oct 2011
Hi, we are noticing here an high CPU usage from SMC on several workstations and server. This is almost happening from Monday. Is anyone having the same issue? Something wrong in signatures?
New forum discussion 29 Aug 2011
Hi, we are experiencing an issue with our file serverm, that host home directories for our users. We see users not able to browse folders in Explorer, and in the logs we have these 2 errors : Event Type:       Warning Event ...
New forum discussion 14 Jul 2011
Hi, I've created an installation package from the console to include only Antivirus and antispywre, but I see it still install the NAC. I need to install SEP on a machine were I cannot cause any interference with the network... is it possible to create a package without ...
discussion comment 27 Jun 2011
New forum discussion 20 Jun 2011
Hi all, I'm experiencing a Web Attack Blackhole Toolkit Website 5 bladecenter when accessing Hardware VPD functionalities of  IBM BladeCenter Management Module. As it is an embedded system, I struggle thinking of a Blackhole Toolkit in it. Does this sounds like a flase ...
New forum discussion 17 Jun 2011
Hi all, we are experiencing an issue with VMWare snapshot on Windows 2K servers when we use Disk Quiescence Answer from VMWare have outlined that on the  stop ioctl  sent to the Sync Driver, symevent.sys generates an IRP to another volume.  Because the ...