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New forum discussion 03 Nov 2010
We are using this agent for the replication of LUNS in the cluster environment. The version of the documentation I have is Version 5.1. It states in the document the following on page 7 The agent supports configuring EMC MirrorView in the synchronous ...
New forum discussion 15 Sep 2010
Hi We are setting up EV version 8 for Exchange 2007 on Virtual Machines using Win 2008 servers and Veritas Clustering. For the SQL servers and hence the database we are using SQL Mirroring as the HA soltion in the architecture. As well we are using CENTERAs for Vault ...
New forum discussion 15 Jun 2010
Because we have decided to use quota based archiving it seems we may have to archive deleted items lest mailboxes and hence database get out of control from a size perspective. I am aware that it is possible to set server side policy so that users deleted items folder it emptied upon ...
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2010
Is it ok to run the index check utility against the replicated indexes on the "passive" node of the VCS clustered EV servers rahter than on the active node. Will this cause any problems if the active nodes are performing archiving and hence updating indexes which in turn are ...
New forum discussion 12 Apr 2010
Can anyone provide advice on the frequency and date range one might run the EVSVR verify utility in an environment where the vault(s) are on Centera. If it is run should it be run to check only the mail archived since the last time it is run or should it be run across the whole set of ...
New forum discussion 12 Apr 2010
I have read the recommended mtce tasks for EV server at I must admit I am perplexed at the ...
New forum discussion 06 Apr 2010
Can anyone comment on an apprpriate RPO for Vault Store databases? what is the impact to the archive environment if a database retore has an RPO of say two weeks ago? How can the lost data from such a restore be recovered or is it lost forever?
New forum discussion 05 Apr 2010
Hi I am working on a very large installation of EV for archiving and Journaling EMAIL - we expect in excess of 150,000 accounts over the next few years. We have been advised by the BA's that FULL Indexing is required for both user and journal archiving. My estimates ...