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New forum discussion 25 May 2014
MohitK posted: Old Images
Hi I have NBU running on Windows Server 2008 R2. Recently I have noticed that "Images" folder under "D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\db" has grown up to 130GB. Upon checking the folders I found that old images are still contained. Even CatStore folder has some old large ...
New forum discussion 16 Dec 2013
I need to deploy microsoft .net framework 4.5 to about 350 computers and i am trying to do this using CMS7.1. I have imported the software package (executable) and set the install command setup.exe /q /norestart. Everytime I run a test deployment using "Quick Delivery Task", i get error ...
New idea 09 May 2013
MohitK posted: File Copy
We frequently use "Copy File To" function in DS 6.9 SP5 to copy files and folders to multiple computers. As of late we noticed that file copy is not happening correctly. The file gets corrupted during or doesnt copy complete (shows 0kb or partial size). It is very disappointing to ...
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2013
Hi I am trying add a FT Media Server using the nbftconfig.exe but I am getting an error. The error message reads: Failed to read server configuration; Media Server might be down EXIT error: database system error EXIT status = 220 The command I am entering is ...
discussion comment 21 Jun 2012
New forum discussion 03 Jun 2012
Hi I am new to CMS 7.1 SP2 and need to some help in creating dymanic updating computer collection. In Altiris/NS 6.8 we had a computer collection and a filter created which updated the computer collection based on computer name. Just trying to figure out how to do this CMS7.1. I have ...
New forum discussion 10 Nov 2011
Hi I am running NBU7.0.1 and need some help with configuring sql log backups using netbackup. Basically I have a policy in place which does a full backup of the databases everyday using a script creating using netbackup sql client. Now I want to configure a policy to backup transaction ...
New forum discussion 10 Jul 2011
Hi In my test environment I am trying to configure NBU policy to backup Exchange Mailboxes. However I am having few issues. Please see the backup log below 11/07/2011 1:16:15 p.m. - requesting resource Full 11/07/2011 1:16:15 p.m. - requesting resource ...