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New idea 30 Jun 2014
When we clean up all aspects related to a case we have multiple steps.  First we have to delete all the tasks, then we have to delete the collections, then we have to delete the case itself.  Each one of those steps has multiple prompts to confirm the delete/archive. Ideally ...
New idea 30 Jun 2014
It would be nice when you are on a task like the EV Hold task that you can load a template directly.  Now we have to hit add, then pick the source, then hit select, then hit load, then pick the template. Ideally it would work on the main task screen just selecting add/load and ...
New idea 30 Jun 2014
We setup a large number of recurring Hold Tasks.  Due to the large number of employees we have it is not possible to be kept in the loop whenever someone leaves the company.  So we would like a report or some sort of notification when someone that has synced into the employee list ...
New idea 30 Jun 2014
We typically use EV Hold tasks to keep emails on hold and prevent deletion.  In DA we would set this up to occur every 12 months as we have a 15 month retention policy.  In clearwell our only option is daily or weekly.  This seems to add a lot of extra processing due to ...
New idea 30 Jun 2014
We would like the ability to create one EV Hold or Search task that can search across multiple EV sources.  For example a journal archive and a user archive.  In DA you can select a Journal, User, or FSA source all within one search.  Thanks.
New forum discussion 16 Nov 2011
We receive the following message every 5 minutes on our EV server: Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault Date:          11/16/2011 ...
New forum discussion 05 Apr 2011
Does anyone know if the vault service account still needs to be a local server administrator on all the Exchange servers that are listed as targets?  We are on 9.0 SP1. I thought previously this was a requirement but couldn't find it in the system documentation ...
New idea 22 Feb 2011
Search Settings: Scheduled with any range i.e. every month, etc... Date Range: Since Search Last Ran When the scheduled search runs and it is in the pending approval state if you reject the search you don't have the option to re-run it.  Then the next time ...