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Job Title: Principal Forensic IT Investigator
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  • Clearwell eDiscovery Platform from Symantec (April 2013)
Symantec Sales Expert (SSE)
  • Clearwell eDiscovery Platform (February 2012)
  • Clearwell eDiscovery Platform from Symantec (May 2013)
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New forum discussion 18 Jun 2015
Hi, i want to start using an internal Wsus server for our clearwell servers, but i am wondering, can any Microsoft offered patch be applied? including the MS Office patches? are there certain patches that we need to exclude? If so, is there list of KB numbers that i ...
New idea 20 Jan 2015
Hi, currently the Clearwell appliance has the ability to go online to look for available patches. In normal environments however this will usually be impossible because a machine with confidential data will never be allowed to connect to internet on its own!! in the patches ...
New idea 19 Jan 2015
On the clearwell appliance, currently under System in the Sessions menu, you can view the current active sessions. However, the client IP adresses are not actually the client IP's but usually in a secure setup the Proxy IP by wich the clients connect to the appliance. The ...
New forum discussion 15 Apr 2014
Hi, i know there is a forum post with "Symantec Clearwell New Features Overview 7 1 3.pdf" But where can I find the new feature overview for 7.1.4 and ...
New idea 03 Feb 2013
Hi, previously at the clearwellsystem support portal, i could view and manage all my organisation's support call's and monitor them, and/or reply to them. Right now, i can only see the support tickets that i created myself, and not the tickets my colleagues created. This is not ...
New idea 22 Jan 2013
For security reasons i always set an expiration date on users. It would be very good to have the possibility to set an alert for users who's account almost expires, when they login. This way they can contact an admin, and extend their account if everything is ok.