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New forum discussion 09 Apr 2015
Hello - the United States Computer Emergency Readiness team sent out an allert about a family of polymorphic downloaders called AAEH.  We are wondering if we are protected against this if we have current virus defs. see attachment thanks
New forum discussion 25 Mar 2015
Hello - can you look at my attachment and tell me what this means when the host integrity status is disabled and the reason is the check is disabled? thanks
New forum discussion 24 Mar 2015
Hello - is there a way to create a report of disabled PCs that can be exported.  I can get a report from the home tab but the report is not exportable.
discussion comment 18 Mar 2015
MzSolo commented on: Applying Policy
New forum discussion 18 Mar 2015
Hello - I have a question about policies. We are using our default firewall policy for our PCs.  Last month someone created a seperate wireless policy that when the wireless is enabled the ethernet adapter is disabled.  this new policy was never applied.  Our ISO ...
New forum discussion 05 Mar 2015
Symantec should be blocking one network connection when both wired and wireless are active.  One of our users was able to have both active.  How do I set this policy so that the user can have only one or the other and not ...
New forum discussion 11 Feb 2015
Hello - i just received a ticket that a user got the attached message.  it appears SEP is blocking a port scan by ourNAC ForeScout server.  Can you tell me why this alert occurred and how do i tell if its happening on addition hosts? thanks
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2015
Hello I have about 150 pcs that are being blocked from our NAC because of the SEP firewall.  How do I turn off the firewall for these 150 pcs? solo
New forum discussion 28 Jan 2015
MzSolo posted: REPORTS
Hello - can SEP be set-up to alert me if certain virus thresholds are identified/reached? 
New forum discussion 15 Jan 2015
Hello - we have a virus that is (was) running rampant through our mail network called the wire-payment0192  Is there a way to send you the attachment so you guys can create virus definitions to block this virus?  we have about 50 machines that are infected.
New forum discussion 13 Jan 2015
Hello - Symantec Endpoint Protection  is flagging Cal-LIMS 10 DLLs as Malware. See attached files.  Cal-LIM signon page works only after disabling SEP service or excluding .DLL from SEP on each desktop. How do I create an excpetion to allow the .dll file so users can sign ...
New forum discussion 18 Nov 2014
Hello - i need to upgrade SEP on some of our remote locations.  Can the Web link and email feature assist me with this and how does it work. thanks
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2014
I did a few client upgrade test today and users are noticing the a pop-up stating "The Symantec Intrusion Prevention add-on from Symantec Corporation is ready for use.", with the options of Enable or Don't Enable will be presented at the bottom of the IE window.  how ...
New forum discussion 01 Oct 2014
Hello - i have a set of PCs that I need to exclude from being scanned.  We believe that SEP is picking up on an active vulnerability signature and blocking the source IP from the client, leading to the problems we are having. How do I create an exclusion for IP ...