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discussion comment 07 Apr 2015
New forum discussion 25 Mar 2015
Hello, We are using HP MSL6060 tape library, Vault job runs daily (Skip duplicationaand catalog) and on average ejects 3 tapes daily but MAP has only 2 slots so vault job waits untill empty MAP to eject 3rd tape and then send robot and vault pick list. As Library is located ...
New forum discussion 04 Feb 2015
Hello, I have 2 questions on AIR,  1) From below I understand that replication is to another NBU domain(mean another master), Can we set replication to another media server on same NBU domain(Same master, Source and target are on one master server)? if yes how is it ...
New forum discussion 22 Dec 2014
Netbackup (Master, media and client) OS:Linux (Master, media and client) I have enabled resilient network on one of clients and its creating unified "nbrntd" logs, I can disable it by set logging to zero on media and master server, but how to do it on ...
New idea 11 Dec 2014
I was using Live update from last week, Our NBU is on latest 761FA and pushing 761 through Liveupdate. Someclients are failing liveupdate for different reasons, after fixing the problem I dont see a restart option in activity monitor. This is making me to go back to liveupdate policies ...
New forum discussion 01 Dec 2014
When I look for backup id's in GUI catalog, Backups written to disk have media ID's @aaaax or @aaaav etc., Whats this media ID, and when is it assigned? Does each disk pool or Disk stu have unique media id? Is this media ID static?
New forum discussion 28 Nov 2014
Can each robot or drive can have more than one paths? Whats the benefit, if one path goes down will it work through other one? Is it active-active or Active-passive, how does multiple path for drive or robots work?
New forum discussion 19 Aug 2014
If I set client side deduplication (host properties-->master server-->client attributes-->Always use client side deduplication) and Policy is pointed to Advanced or basic disk, will client do the deduplication and send the data or a normal backup happens.
New forum discussion 18 Aug 2014
Please suggest. I have used below command and deleted bunch of backup images and then realised I need them. These backup images are residing on advanced disk pool. After deletetion of backup images, Image cleanup job was also ran and completed successfully. I dont see ...
New forum discussion 17 Jul 2014
Regarding deduplication, I found two options 1)Policies(disable client side deduplication) 2)Client attributes(host properties). How does this both options work together? If I disable it at policy level, then it wont consider client attributes or it will do media server ...