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New forum discussion 30 Nov 2012
Can someone help me understand this so I'm not drawing any inaccurate conclusions? The information in the Help and Admin Guides are pretty vague and don't go into much in the way of explanation. What I'm slightly confused about is the Source field options: I have 1) All ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2012
I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm not having luck finding the answer. We're looking for one of two ways to schedule GRT backups of our SQL databases without affecting the sequence of backup tasks our DBA has defined in his maintenance plans. Our environment is ...
New forum discussion 07 Aug 2012
We're in the process of migrating our BE2010 infrastructure over to 2012. I'm at the stage now where I'm trying to create our new jobs for backing up our Exchange mailbox databases. First and foremost, I used the following article as a guideline for setting up permissions on the ...
New forum discussion 06 Aug 2012
We are running a BE 2012 CASO environment. I recently installed a managed server using push-install via the CASO. During the installation step where it asked which licensed options I wanted to include with the install, I selected what was needed at the time and proceeded with installing the ...
New forum discussion 31 Jul 2012
I'm trying to set up my backup job correctly and wanted to understand something about how Backup Exec operates. We have two sites. Each location contains a media server (Backup Exec 2012), tape library and Exagrid appliance used for deduplication storage. The Exagrids contain local ...
New forum discussion 02 Jul 2012
We're on Backup Exec 2012, currently using NBD as our transport mode for VMWare backups and I've noticed that it's spending a ridiculous amount of time doing (what I don't necessarily assume is) nothing. It takes over 5hrs to backup 133GB worth of VMs, while other, larger ...